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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Killer, but Mostly Filler

Performance night Wed 

Home is where the heart is - showcasing where everyone is from @ beginning of the show. Big shout-out to the state of Alabama (CJ, Dexter and Jessica). 

Live from Hollywood = it's your Top 12 #bigbluesofa

Theme: Home 

Jena - Farmington Hills, MI - suburb of Detroit. She looks great tonight - I like the hair and age appropriate outfit. KT Tunstall - Suddenly. Had some trouble powering through those low notes both K and I had trouble hearing her  - could this song have been in a different key to accommodate her range? Maybe off key now that she is barreling toward the end. Did like the energy and beginning "performance "she brought to it. 

Alex  - from MA - singing a Gavin Degraw song - I Don't Wanna Be. Gave him a blue suit and a swanky hair do. I think they are trying to find a look for him. Seems to fit his personality and performance style. K kept waiting for a WOW moment, but it just never arrived. Agree with JLo that the vocals were a bit off. 

Jessica - Slapout Alabama  Dido's White Flag - acoustic guitar. Viewing party @ Key Largo in Montgomery - it's 'steak night' there!  I really like the tone of her voice. K thinks it is very consistent as far as voices go. Maybe she could have been more passionate - but it was better than Jena. 

Dexter - Fayette, AL song Lucky Man. Perfect song for him! Brought in one of his hunting buddies and his wife to watch the performance. He has more emotion in his voice that most of the contestants. Even if you aren't a country fan - I think you can see that he really feels what he sings. Keith was really enjoying that song tonight! 

Emily - Let's Get Loud - JLo's song!  Orlando, FL   - good political move to choose that song. Got to be hard to perform one of the judges tunes. Probably needs to get more comfortable with performing to do that type of song - but overall okay. 

Caleb - Asheville, NC - big music town. Working Man - Rush. He is a huge Rush fan. Brought dad, family friend and best friend to see him rock out. When he performs I think we are watching a different show - the band even seems to get into his music. He just needs to go find a great band and rock with his bad self. 

MK - San Francisco - Drops of Jupiter - Train. I am not really loving the ball cap each week . I do like her voice and I like this song choice for her. 

CJ - Jasper AL - small town and he loves his home! Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer. Wants to have fun and send a message. Good song for him and he seemed to have fun and they really are working on his style. 

Sam - Bradenton, FL  - song reminds him of Michigan - band is One Pilot. Catchy tune and seems to suit him - like that he is playing to the small group. seems natural a good ol' WGWG . Look like some constantine maroulis with the eyes at the end! 

Malaya - Michigan, Take Me to the King  - gospel tune represents home for her. More serious look - straight hair and playing the piano. She looks great tonight! Not as wacky - that may be a good thing. That was a perfect song to her - you can really tell it is meaningful for her.  - K says she is trying to stay in by appealing to the Fundies. She definitely turned down the Urkel. 

Ben - Gallatin, TN - Turning Home. This song choice seems okay - but I agree with Kev that his voices just kind grates on me. Not a bad performance, but not really feeling it since I get distracted by his voice. Agree with Harry that it felt shouted - it was just okay. 

Majesty - Goldsboro, NC - Coldplay song Fix You. This was probably the best performance of the night. I really liked this - but do agree with judges to keep it small and understated. 

Top 3: Majesty, Dexter, Caleb

Bottom 3: MK, Ben, Alex 
Who goes home? MK

Dr L & K -- OUT!


Rubbertoe said...

The site won't let me open a new post for some I'm going to post my quick review here:

Viewed the show real late last night, so didn't have time to write.
First up Jena - Good, but not great. Alex- I really liked, I didn't hear the pitchiness that the judges did. Jessica, again I really liked, disagreed with the judges. Dexter, good but extremely nasally. I didn't think he was as good as the judges. Emily, boring. Completely overpowered by the song. Reminded me of a high school assembly performance. Caleb was Caleb. MK...ditch the hat, didn't think she was very good last night. CJ, cute and charming and vocal better, but he's not going to be around long. Sam completely let me down last night. Not very good at all. Malaya - here I don't know what the judges were thinking, it was boring in the beginning and nothing but shouting at the end. I thought it was painful. Ben was Ben. Majesty was really good.
Top 3: Caleb, Majesty and Alex
America's Top 3: Caleb, Majesty and Dexter
Rubbertoes Bottom 3: Emily, MK and Malaya
America's Bottom 3: Emily, Jena and MK
Going Home: Emily

DrL/K said...

Wow! You totally called it! That was amazing. I think we got it all wrong -- I really didn't think America would be able to go against the sway of Jlo -- she really seemed to be actively trying to keep Emily in.
She was always one of the ones we thought, "why is she here?"