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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Top 11 - Music from the bands that are loosely connected to movies

The top 11 and the music of the movies. First up - Sam "Come together" - Beatles. This is kind of a cop out in my opinion. was used in the movie "Across the Universe", but its not really a movie song...stretching the theme a bit. as for the performance. Sam is much better this week than last week...although he still needs to push it up a notch or three in showmanship to put on a really good performance. Jennifer called it "Baby Rock star" thoughts exactly. Second - Jessica - Simon and Garfunkel - Once again Jessica goes safe and plays yet another song from her playlist repertoire. I think that her continuing to do songs that she plays in small bar venues is actually hurting her. This reminded me of something you would see in a small town bar, not something that you would hear from a superstar playing arenas and stadiums. She needs to stop playing it safe. Once again Jennifer called it "Do you think you can win?" I think Jessica is honestly performing like she doesn't believe that she can. Third - CJ . OK..CJ is ON tonight. This is the perfect song for him. I love hearing CJ back in his groove. He looks comfortable for the first time in a long time. ...and the judges all agree! Fourth - Dexter "Sweet Home Alabama" from "Forrest Gump" - Really? Again...loosely....very loosely associated with a movie...but ok...everyone else is doing it too. For was just ok. Problem is when you do such an iconic song, you are always going to pale with the original. This came across completely karaoke to me. I've heard that version done by 100 people before. Fifth - Ben "Benny and the Jets" - This was a weird performance in the beginning. It got a little better after he left the piano (vocally) but his performance seemed very staged and un-natural. Keith said it better "It didn't sound authentic". I do like the makeover they did on him....he looks great. Sixth - Majesty - "Let it go" - The vocal was great, but the arrangement of the song was bizarre and too choppy. What should have been the big moment of the song, she crashed. It was good and bad at the same time. The judges liked it better than I. Seventh - Caleb - Skyfall - I think this was a very smart song choice by him. The lower register wasn't great but when the song allowed him to go to the upper register that Caleb does so well it was right in his element. I also liked that he didn't over sing it. Eight - Mk - The makeover on her is fantastic as well. She looks great without the baseball cap. Very heartfelt performance that seemed genuine, but it sounded off key to me the entire song. Ninth - Alex - Another smart song choice. Quirky song that fit him perfectly. Tenth - Jena - It was nice to have a more upbeat performance, but I'm not sure it was a smart song choice. It was a song that I was not familiar with at all...and I'm not sure that enough other people will know it to keep her out of the bottom 3. I think she should be out of the bottom 3, but she might end up there. Eleventh - Malaya - "I'm changing" - this could be good...but it could be a screaming train wreck. OK...its actually pretty good. Malaya has a tendency to oversing everything, so it was nice to see her not do it on this song that could have easily called for it. CJ Caleb Alex Malaya Sam Jessica Jena Dexter Majesty MK Ben Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Ben, MK and Majesty America's bottom 3: This one is tough...its hard to figure out where America is going to go this week. I'm going to Say Ben and MK for sure. The other could be Sam, Jena or even Malaya (despite a good performance). So I'm going to go with Jena. Going Home: Hmmmm....tough one. My head tells me MK...but since two women have left before, I'm going out on a limb and saying Ben. Rubbertoe.....Out!

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