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Monday, January 19, 2009

Auditions - Night Two: Living It Up in KC

Welcome to night two of American Idol. Tonight, we are auditioning potential Idols in Kansas City, the home of our last Idol, David Cook. The following is a list of the folks who made it through and some initial thoughts of their auditions and sometimes their chances at success.

Ashley Anderson – Leona Lewis – despite the footsteps/footprints mess up – this girl has a very, very good voice.

Casey Carlson – Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” – Wonderfully fresh performance

Von Smith - Somewhere Over The Rainbow – BRILLS! If he can tone it down a touch he definitely has the pipes to stick around for a long while.

Michael Castro - the brother of The Cuteness . . . Gavin DeGraw “I’m in love with the girl” Kara called him ballsy . . . I call him the Cuteness II . . . nice voice. He'll be around for a while.

Matt B. – Welder - Aint no sunshine. Another big boy with an unexpected voice. I think he is iffy to make it through Hollywood.

Jessica Verne – Cry Baby Janice Joplin - Nice tone to her voice. I think she could be around for a while.

India/Asia – The look nothing alike sisters. They were very sweet and supportive of each other, but I'm not sure that India should have made it through. I don't think she'll be around for very long.

Jamar Rogers – Screamed but good solid chops. His problem might be adjusting his voice to a bunch of different styles of music.

Daniel Gokey - This is the performance Idol has been building up to all night long. They have seriously pimped this one out. And . . . . it was very much worth it. Daniel's wife died four weeks before auditions. His story is great, and is voice is beautiful. I think Mr. Gokey could be headed to the Top 12.

Anoop Desai - AKA "Anoop Dogg" - This guy has a bit of a Clay Aiken vibe to him. I'll be curious to see what he's like after a good makeover.

Andrew Lang - My Girl – Big Ole voice from a little bitty body – the introductory cheerleaders may have done him in . . . the said no to him . . . which makes it all the more confusing as to why the saidy yes to . . . .Dennis - did they seriously just let this guy through and reject Andrew????

Asa – Band leader – Another sweet story, and they let him through on his rendition of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" . . . I felt . . . underwhelmed.

Lil – Great Voice – I didn't quite get the other part of her name. She was the last performer of the night. And they seriously saved one of the best for last. They compared her to Fantasia and Mary J Blige . . . I would compare her to Season 3's best singer, Latoya London. I think this girl is a contender.

I know the review came a little late, but what did y'all think???

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