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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey Y'all! Idol is back! And all I can say is, "Finally!". I forget how much I miss it until it is back. I am so thankful they only run the show once a year, otherwise, I might get burned out.

So, overall, I have to say, the first episode of the new season wowwed me! We are finally back to showing an equal number of good and bad auditions. I must say, that new judge, Kara Diogaurdi, hit it out of the park. I was a little worried about how she would fit in to the established idol mix. I need not have worried . . . . the transition was seemless.

I'm going to forego the complete wrap up, and only concentrate on the legitimate contenders.

1. Emily Hughes - Oooooooooh Barracuda! Wow! This girl has the unique look and the amazing voice to match! Hooray for Emily!

2. J D Ahfu - Absolutely beautiful voice. Probably won't translate to all of the different genres of the Idol Top 12, but, nevertheless, an amazing voice. Kind of reminds me of AJ Gill from Season One.

3. Arianna - 16 year old with a great voice and a better heart. She had a nice soulful edge to her voice.

4. Stevie Wright - The girl named after Stevie Nicks presented herself very well. She's got a nice soulful edge to her voice, and a precious "grandfriend" program to boot.

5. Michael Sarver - Big, hulking guy with a sweet soft voice. Very, very nice.

6. Bikini Girl - You just knew that Paula and Kara were going to hate this girl. The reality was that she didn't really need the bikini. Not the best voice in the whole world, but good enough to get her through without the gimmick. It cracked me up that she showed Kara attitude, and that Kara felt the need to sing, not once but twice.

7. Brianna - I only have "yes" written next to her name, otherwise, I have nothing. Does not bode well that I could not really remember her.

8. Deanna Brown - Aside from the aforementioned Emily, this girl was the only other person to really stand out for me. She's got something about her that I think could go far in this competition - not necessarily win - but go far. Nice soul to her voice.

9. Dork boy - I could not remember his name, but the unique and in tune tone to his voice sold me. Anyone can get a makeover, I hope he sticks around for a bit.

10. Scott McIntyre - What a great story. I worried that they were going to send someone through only because of his (dis) ability. However, the boy has got a very nice tone to his voice. I have a feeling that if he gets through the Hollywood round, and gets a chance to sit at his piano, he could be a threat.

I look forward to hearing about the talent in Kansas City.

What did y'all think of the return of Idol?!

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Allison said...

I agree with you about the new Judge. she really fit in well. They all seem like they have known each other for years (which may be true).