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Thursday, January 29, 2009

NYC and Puerto Rico

The final night of AI auditions....then on to Hollywood!!!!!!
NYC and Puerto Rico. I'm hoping to see some Red Hot Ricans tonight (oh wait...that a DVD...I think).
Adeola...gave up her job to come to audition...I bet she is going to be bad....I'm right. This show is getting a little predictable this year.
Jorge Nunez - Cute guy...a little strange...beautiful voice...finally someone who is worthy to go through. (was that his boyfriend waiting for him....I think yes).
Jessika Baier - Simon said Awful - I thought she was pretty good. Better than many that went through...the trend continues.
Melinda Camille - Loves to dance naked...hmmmmmm...a life philosophy we should all embrace...excellent voice./\...and if it doesn't work out in Hollywood, she can always dance naked on the Sunset Strip.
Jackie Thon - energetic...but voice is not there. Does better on the second song..much better. ...Windows Collapse...and Jackie goes to Hollywood.
Joel Contreras - The no no....
Nick Mitchell - not all that funny....and they send him to this show is becoming a joke.
Kenny to watch
kendall - another one to watch in Hollywood
Monique and her 9 year old brother - cute kid. Good voice...enough for Hollywood but wont make it into the top 36...almost didn't make it to Hollywood...Simon sent her through.
Alwxis Cohen - I thought she looked familiar - strange girl...but funny and entertaining in an idol kinda way. Maybe I can find her on Facebook!
Patricia Roman - Pretty girl with a good strong voice. I can see her in the top 36.
Simon said not good enough (What is up with these judges??????) they give her an extra 30 second chance. Paul says no..Randy says yes...she makes it through. I'm confused...I seriously have no idea what is up with the judges and what they are looking for.
I can tell you one thing...I'm glad the auditions are over...lets get on with the show!!!!
Next up - Hell's Kitchen

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