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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Randy Jacksonville

Justin Guiarini - Joshue Ulloa - Great Blues voice, but don't know if he can do much more than the gimmick of this audition. Nice Personality. Simon says good but Gimmicky and Corny. 4 yeses...
Sharon Wilbur w/Dog Sascha - Pretty girl - Weak voice. She actually thinks she can sing. Simon and Randy say yes (you gotta be kidding me)...Paula says yes. (This show is beginning to lose credibility - what is going on???)
Kaneswa - confident..and yes nasaly and horrendous. Not sure a single note was on key. Nice girl though.
Haven't seen much I like so far.
The woman with the sash that sang Whitney (Julissa)....should never have made it through....are they that desperate this year. Bigger question - was she a girl or a drag queen. I'm seriously not sure.
Darin Darnell....seems like a nice guy but singing was painful.
Naomi Sykes - pretty girl...worse than Darin...she didn't think it was a joke? Puh-lease....we've seen this scenario played out too many times....I ain't buying it this time.
Simon says first day they were terrible - once again Simon is right.
Jasmine Bird - another prety girl - finally a good voice, a bit overdone with the inflections, but some potential here.
George Ramirez - 18, looks 43. Really Really bad. This guy can't be serious.
What a boring boring guy.
Ann Marie Boscovitz yet another pretty girl - They tell her to come back as a different person, herself.
TK - Cute guy. Auditioned before, didn't make it through. Good enough for Hollywood, but may have difficulties in Hollywood Week. Simon says NO...the others say yes.
Commercial Break - Same old AT&T commercial from the last two years (guy taking pictures with his daughter's stuffed animal.) It was cute the first 2000 times, its stale and would think with the money they pay for these slots, AT&T would come up with something new.
Back to the show:
Guitarboy (Michael)...couldn't play guitar in the audition...meltdown. I thought he sounded pretty good. Simon said he would struggle. They all said no...they have put through people who were far worse. What is up with the judges this year?
Ann Marie redeux - Good. Don't know she has enough depth. They send her to Hollywood!!!
Only 16 people from Jacksonville make it through.

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