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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "ones to watch" from Arizona

Look out for Scott McIntyre. He has got a great story and once he is in front of the piano, I think he will be a lock to make it to the Top 36. (That sounds wierd, but no Top 24 this year.)

I also think that Michael S. could be tough in Hollywood. He has got a different look and a solid voice.

I love the 16 year old guy who talked about how much the Idol experience could help his family. Josh -- What was his name?

Emily - the first girl with the funky hair - is great. I think she will be in the Top36.

Girl Stevie also sang really well and has a unique look. I expect to see a lot of her in Hollywood Week with a real chance to make it to Top 36.

Bikini girl. Seriously. I will give the girl a lot of credit because she made it to Hollywood, but I think that Hollywood will be the end of the road for her.

I know there were several others with great voices, but these are the folks who stood out to me. Looking forward to more from all of the singers who made it to Hollywood!

Good start to Idol! Welcome back readers and posters! Hope to hear from K and L soon. Rubbertoe is on vaction, lucky guy!

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