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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

San Francisco Auditions

Rubbertoe coming to you live from the north shore of Kauai.....I'm finally somewhere with a TV and finally able to see Idol...missed the first 2 shows.

So far...I don't know what to think of the new judge, maybe she'll grow on me.

The contestants: Jesus should not have made it through. Yes...cute boys and the family man story was nice, but he didn't sing all that well. (especially unchained melody - Simon's favorite song).
The guy with the ugly coat actually had a pretty good voice if he would have toned it down, he was way way WAY too over the top.
The first girl (giggly) shouldn't have made it through either, look for her to have an early exit.
Acquilla made me extremely nervous and agitated...even though she had a little bit of a Macy Gray sound to her voice...
Adam Lambert...Simon said it best "theatrical"...I like him but then again Hello.....I think he will be in the top 24 or 36 or whatever it is these days.
Kai's up next..wondering if he will be really good or really bad...commercial break...heart touching story backed up by IZ...nice voice but weak on the runs. Did Simon say Sh*tsinger or Shipsinger? But the question is...who is going to take care of his mother while he is in Hollywood or on the show?
We only get 1 hour?.....I feel cheated....but it is good to be back!!!
OK....long hike its off to bed for rubbertoe.

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