<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's take it down to the Top 36!

THIS is American Idol
Each contestant goes from the holding room and down the path . . . did they impress the judges. Have they made it to the Top 36.
Anuk – Unanimously . . . .YES! He’s through to the Top 36 . . . not sure about Top 12
Von Smith – He’s THROUGH! I think he has a beautiful voice . . . if he can tone it down . . .
Break . . .
Cody Sheldon – They want him to sing one more time . . . he could me the new pretty boy . . . Simon wants a few minutes . . . Here comes Alex . . . Wonder twin powers activate, form of 2 singing gay boys!
I think Alex’s voice is better, but is it good enough to overcome the fact that Cody looks more like an Idol . . . Moment of truth = Cody goes home, and Alex gets through. They are very upset . . . awkward.
Adam Lambert – I heart him . . . sooooooo much cuteness . . . . Don’t play with me judges, he needs to go through . . . HOORAY! The Judges Got It Right!
And we’re back . . .
Taylor – 17 year s old – she forgot the words in the group session, but the last performance was awesome . . . She needs to go through . .. AND SHE DOES
Jasmine Murray – Through!
Arianna – Through!
Casey – Through!
Megan – Through!
Mishavonna – Through! I love her!
Stevie Wright – Through!
We must be heading for some bad stuff after the break . . . too much good!
No break . . . sorry!
Joanna – she forgot the words to EVERYTHING – she should not go through – I cannot believe they let her through. I’m stunned. You just know that there’s gonna be somebody else they eliminate (see Josiah from Season 7) who I’m gonna be pissed about.
T.K. – Is not through
Reggi Beasley – Not through . . . I hate that . . .
Kendall – She’s shakey, but through! I’m glad, I kind of like this one.
Jen – the married couple girl – he went home – judges aren’t certain, and want her to sing again – Kristin is outside getting ready to sing against her . . . I kind of think they will both go through . . . Kristin has made it through, and Jen did not. I am completely disagreeing with that decision. UGH!
Alexis Grace – She is NEVER gonna win this competition. . . but she’s through to the Top 36.
Scott McIntyre – I heart him hardcore . . . He’s Through! As he should be. I actually think that vocally he is not as good as others, but he’s AMAZING with the instrument.
Lil Rounds - I kind of heart her . . . I hope she gets through . . . Hooray! She’s through! I’m so glad . . . I really see her as a little Latoya London circa season 3. I think she could go very far.
Felicia – Not a unanimous decision – Did not make it
Ashley – Didn’t make it
Devon Baldwin – Didn’t make it through
Frankie Jordan – “the stay at home mom” – she’s makin the walk . . . I have a feeling that she’s going to make it through . . . uh oh, another girl is going . . . Jessie Lancaster – It’s time to FACE OFF. Frankie has a voice that’s different . . . I kind of like it . . . but so does Jessie . . . The judges hated both songs . . . only one can go through . . . and its Jessie. Simon has to be an ass and say that Frankie didn’t have a chance to win. Ugh on Simon.
A Break!
Shera – Does not go through
Derik – Does not go through
Allison – the namesake of one of our bloggers! J She’s nervous . . . She’s going through to the next round . . . as she should. It was risky doing Kelly Clarkson, but she did a very nice rendition. She could go through to the Top 12.
Here comes the story of Danny and Jamar . . . I love them. I hope they both get through… Here comes Danny . . He HAS to go through. Hells Yeah! Holla! They got it right! I couldn’t separate them . . . here comes Jamar. OMFG! I cannot believe they didn’t send him through. OMFG! He should have gone through. UGH!
Ricky – Through!
Matt – Thru
Juneau – Thru!
Jorge – Thru!
Stephen Fowler - If he gets through and Jamar goes home . . . UGH! He went through, and Jamar did not! That is complete BullShit! Sorry for the expletive.
Here comes that Norman BS – I know Rubbertoe disagrees . . . but I think he’s got a good voice, but a horrible persona. They let him through! Wow . . . again I will say, they let him through, and Jamar went home . . . hmmmm
Here comes I didn’t get her name . . . Ugh . . . cool . . . Jackie – unanimous voice puts her THROUGH! I think she’s a dark horse for the Top 12.
And, ugh, here comes Tatianna and all of her drama . . . I hate that her voice is good, ugh. And she’s annoying again. Not unanimous . . . But, I’ll bet she is . . . YES. She’s going through. I hate her, but she has a good voice.
Here comes another match up. . . Gay boy Nathaniel and Maybe Straight Boy Jackie . . . Oh Lord, we have an IDOL moment with Nathaniel . . . Best line of the night . . . Simon, “What ARE you wearing?”. Forgetting what he’s wearing, I just wanna smile when he sings. Just so nice . . . I think both of their voices are great, but Nathaniel’s is better. Let’s see what happens . . . Nathaniel is through. And, despite the outfit, he should be. Good voice.
Here comes the final 2 . . . the welder and the oil rigger . . .
Well, not yet.
Jennine – She’s THROUGH!
Kai – He’s THROUGH!
Anne Marie – She’s THROUGH!
Chris – I HEART him. He’s THROUGH!
Now, here’s the final 2! The oil rigger and the welder. I HATE that they are the final 2 . . .they should both go through… Matt, the welder, is first. I heart him. He has to sing . . . and, he was so soulful and good. Here comes the oil rigger, Michael, . . . his voice makes me smile . . . He is brilliant, and just makes me smile. What’s going to happen. If they get it right, Michael the oil rigger will go through. THEY BOTH GO THROUGH! HOORAY! That’s awesome! I’m sooooo excited for them!We have our Top 36! And for the most part, minus Jamar, I think they got it right.

And FINALLY! ITS TIME TO VOTE!!!! What did y'all think?

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