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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is AI looking for another Taylor Hicks?

It appears…and I’m afraid that AI might be looking for another Taylor Hicks and his name is Norman…or Normound.

Seriously how this guy made it to Hollywood is beyond me and now he’s in the top 36? Its obvious that he is being kept on only for dramatic effect. However, if the show is supposed to find the best “Singers” there is NO justification for Jamar getting cut and Norman making it through. I think ultimately AI gets it right, however…there is something strange going on this year.

Last nights show – the pros and cons. Singoffs? Good….added to the drama and it was brutally enjoyable watching people sing for their “lives”. Judge’s mansion?

Cut….Cheesy and cheapened the show (Not to mention the poor taste of the decorator of the place).

Anoop is the first one through. Deserves to be in the top 36. I would like to see him in the top 12 but I have my doubts.

Von Smith – comes from a “singing family”. Comments about listening to his family make decisions for him brings back bad memories of Mr Archuletta from last season.

He’s through. Top 36 – probably not top 12.

Then the first sing-0ff…Cody v. Alex. Judges get this one wrong. Cody gets cut. Its schaudenfreude watching Alex want to celebrate but can’t because of Cody’s pain…voyeuristic pornography.

Next up – Adam Lambert – shoo in for top 5 (unless major disaster along the way).

Another singoff between Kristen and Jenn (Simon characterizes it as the pretty one against the other – actually Kristen is prettier than Jenn)…both should be cut based on the singoff. Judges get it right though in the choice. For once Simon is wrong – Kristen makes it through.

Alexis and Lil rounds make it through.

Danny and Jamar. I originally liked Jamar better, but he has not done that well as Danny has risen. Danny has a good voice. Probably good enough to make the top 12…helped by his AI sad story. I have to admit, it was sad to see Jamar have to face Danny after not getting through. My only thought though was…AI completely played up this “bond” and Danny does NOTHING to console Jamar…he just stands there. Maybe it was shock or discomfort, but I couldn’t believe that Danny didn’t immediately embrace Jamar if this “Bond” was so strong.

However, if this injustice is not enough, we are soon SHOCKED by the notion that Norman gets through. I’m having visions of Taylor Hicks all over again…that is…are there actually people who are going to vote for this guy….but then I think, he’s a shoo-in for “Vote for the worst” and hey….Vote for the worst got Taylor Hicks the crown so there you go. (Although I’m thinking to myself – is this show becoming a joke?----nah……they’ll get it right eventually).

AI redeems itself as Kai, Jorge and Stephen Fowler make it through. But then…..the ultimate breaking point….Tatiana. I’m hoping….no PRAYING that she gets cut. I can’t stand another week of her. I’m still praying (but I know down-deep she is going through…..c’mon…..its all about ratings….RATINGS….and people enjoy being annoyed by her.) She makes it through…and guess what…you are going to hear it here from me first….Tatiana in the top 12….(gulp).

Anyway…we have our top 36. I have to say it looks like a good group. The show is hitting on all cylinders…best season ever?

Predictions (although I don’t know much about some of them so far) Top 12?

Adam – Absolutely no question

Alex,- N Alexis -Y, Allison-?, Anne-?, Anoop- I’m going to say no…but I’m hoping, Arianna-?, Brent-N, Casey-?, Danny-Y, Felicia-?, Jackie-?, Jasmine- YES, Jeanine-?, Jesse-?, Jorge- N, Ju’not-, Kai- I’m going to say N…but I really like him…I’m hoping., Kendall-?, Kris-?, Kristen – NO! Lil Rounds- YES, Matt B-? (
Shouldn’t but mid-America may put him through, Matt G-Y, Megan-Y, Michael- (Shouldn’t –[see Matt B.], Mishovonna-?, Nathaniel (Facepierce boy/drama queen – NO…although after seeing his story last night I was glad to see him make it this far…you can tell this kid was unfairly picked on all throughout school…congrats to him), Nick/Norman-I’m going to say NO….please NO…..but with all the weird stuff going on with the show/judges this year and the Taylor Hicks voting crowd…he just might make it…I doubt it though, Ricky-?, Scott- Y (Ok…I’m going to say it and talk about the pink elephant in the room…yes…he has a decent voice, but he’s going to get a lot of sympathy votes that are going to propel him in this competition….and maybe to the title….should he be in the top 12? Probably…but not much more than that), Stephen – probably a no, but I’m hoping, Stevie-?, Tatiana- Yes…unfortunately she will be in the top 12…there is no justice here, Taylor-Y, Von Smith -Y.

OK….that’s it for now. Sorry for the extra long post…they wont all be like this. I’m anxious to hear all of your thoughts!!!!


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Della said...

Agree about Jamar. No excuse for his not going on to the next round. Very talented young man