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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Voting Begins!

Ryan's sporting a casual look...
Contestants have a minute and 20 seconds to make their dreams happen...
Jackie Thon is up first - "A little less conversation" - a little less cheesey performance and get rid of the 80's outfit...vocals were actually pretty good (Randy gave the exact opposite critique - Simon agrees with me, says vocals good but the performance silly).
Ricky Braddy - Cute Guy -(Don't remember seeing him before) "A Song for you" - This guy has an incredible voice. Not so great in the falsetto. Overall - Excellent.
Kara said it perfectly - his interpretation of the song really showed that he has the talent to go far in this competition. Simon says "No star quality" - I actually understand what he is saying. "Believe in yourself a bit". Love his parents "Braddy Bunch" T-shirts... (mom says
Alexis Grace - "Never loved a man"...judges in audition told her to sing like she was "making love to her boyfriend"....After hearing tonight's performance I would have to say she's never loved a man. Very "cruise ship" as simon would say. Randy, Kara and Paula actually loved it. Simon - said the best so far..the darkhorse in the competition, compares her to Kelly Clarkson (I couldn't disagree more).
Brent Keith - Wait.....THAT's not Brent glitch. Sings "Hickville". Cute Dimples...but very Karaoke. Didn't do himself any favors with the song choice here.
Stevie Wright - "You belong with me" - Weak lower register - Extremely pitchy - This has to be the worst performance at this stage of the competition that I have seen. I hate to say it...but it was utterly pathetic.
Anoop Desai - "Angel of mine" - The guy's got a good voice. Not the best song choice for me...didn't allow him to show his strengths like we have seen in prior was just aiiight for me.
Casey Carlson - Hate the hair style..."Every little thing she does is magic" - Starts off very pitchy.(Am I seeing shades of Sarah Palin?...maybe that's why I can't stand her tonight). Call the police - There is no magic here. I actually think she was worse than Stevie Wright. (I'm thinking that she is going to break down during the comments...she doesn't...but watching her is still painful).
Michael Sarver - Oil Rig guy -"I don't want to be" - Weird. I wasn't even sure he was singing the right song until about 1/2 way through and even then I'm not sure. Could someone be worse that Stevie and Casey?...Michael just showed that can.
Anne Marie Boscovich - "Natural Woman" - Looks Beautiful, but performance is flat and forgettable.
Stephen Fowler - I like him..but tonight it just wasn't good. Again...wrong song choice...the only way you are EVER going to do a Michael Jackson song justice is if you do a completely different version of it. Stephen got a second chance after forgetting the words in third chances ...the end of the road for Stephen.
Tatiana Del Toro - "Saving all my love" - This girl Bugs me big time and I hate that she actually sounds really quite good.
Danny Gokey - "Hero" -Pretty Good Vocals - The runs were excellent. I felt he was holding back a little bit. I didn't love it as much as the judges. Simon brought it back to reality. I didn't think he was as good as Braddy....close, but not as good.
So the summary - The Guys were way better than the women tonight. Was there a good woman? I guess the closest to good was Alexis and she was beaten by 3 guys.
The Best of the night: 1. Ricky Braddy 2. Danny Gokey 3. Anoop "Dogg"
Who Should Go through: Ricky, Danny and Alexis
Who Will Go Through: Danny, Alexis and probably Michael Sarver...proving that America sometimes gets it right....sometimes it doesn't.

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