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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

America got it wrong...but Rubbertoe got it right

First results show of the season and with it comes the first group number.....God...I love those cheesy numbers...they just make me smile.
After the reprise, its group chat. Again...Idol at its best. I love getting to know a little about the personality of the contestants at this point in the competition.
First one through to the top 12 - Alexis , Top female vote getter (no surprise here)
Ricky Braddy gets eliminated (no surprise but a big injustice)
Michael and Anoop are up together. Anoop should go through, but I called it for Michael...was I right? Absolutely...America got it wrong, Rubbertoe got it right.
I'm 2 for 2. (Watching him perform....yes...definitely America got this one wrong).
The next two "contestants" - Carly Smithson and Michael Johns doing a duet...listening to them brings back very fond memories of last season and makes me doubt that this season will live up to last year...we'll see.
Now to fill the final chair...its so obviously Danny, its not even funny. The attempt at drama isn't even convincing Tatiana...Gokey goes through and makes it a perfect 3 for 3 for rubbertoe.
Look for Tatiana to return as a wildcard...the producers will want her back.
Anoop has a chance as well....and possibly Ricky (if the judges get it right)...


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J said...

As you commented earlier, I totally agree with you. First of all, I think I said "Keith" in an earlier post, but I meant Ricky. Injustice indeed - hopefully he'll get a second chance in the wild card. The same goes for Anoop Dogg . . . he deserves to be in the Top 12.