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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How have we done on our predictions thus far?

Here's just a little of what I said:

Jasmine Bird - another prety girl - finally a good voice, a bit overdone with the inflections, but some potential here. (GOT THIS ONE RIGHT)

Ann Marie redeux - Good. Don't know she has enough depth. (WRONG - She's in the too 36)
Joanna Pesini(?)...pretty girl...good....not great....Paula says "worthy".....I'm not so sure. I don't see the star potential there. (WRONG - Made it to the top 36- but is now out)
Brent Keith ....decent...some potential....but not so sure he can make it...Simon said "busterous"....I kinda agree. I don't see him going too far despite the cute dimples. (WRONG - Top 36)
Dueling piano guy...Matt Giraud - I would say no....too potential here....Kara and Paula like him....even Simon says he has a good voice. Even Randy says yes.....what do they see in him....4 for 4....Simon says he's like Eliot Yamin....I (WRONG - Top 36)

Alexis Grace.... good enough for hollywood...not sure if she's good enough beyond that... (WRONG - Top 36)
The first girl (giggly) aka Tatiani shouldn't have made it through either, look for her to have an early exit. (WRONG - Top 36 - but I still think personally I'm right here)

Adam Lambert...Simon said it best "theatrical"...I like him but then again Hello.....I think he will be in the top 24 or 36 or whatever it is these days. (RIGHT!!!)
Kai's up next.. ..heart touching story backed up by IZ...nice voice but weak on the runs. Did Simon say Sh*tsinger or Shipsinger? But the question is...who is going to take care of his mother while he is in Hollywood or on the show? (Correct - sort of)

Megan Corkrey - Strange some ways good...but other ways just weird...Judges say interesting..Simon says favorite auditions because she is different. Unanimous yes... (WRONG - sort of)

Taylor (Vaifauna) from Hurricane, Utah...Gateway to the Beautiful Southern Utah landscape...pretty voice, but not particularly strong (Wrong - top 36)

So far....I'm not doing so well......hmmmmmmm.

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