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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Group 2 - Are we gonna love them?

Ryan are your FOUR judges....ya think a little emphasis on four due to the Paul/Kara controversy that has emerged over the last couple of days.

AI proves that they are smart...after last weeks debacle of way too many family in the red room, this week they do away with it. Excellent move.

The competition is going to be tough tonight

First up -Jasmine Murray. I really like this young girl. Love Song - She looks incredible...songs starts off kinda weird for me....I'm not familiar with the sounds very tough to sing and it just wasn't great...jazzy let me down.

Matt Girard - Dueling pianos guy. Viva la Vida - A bit over the top theatrics to start. He's having breathing issues...he's actually making me gasp for breath. He has some good qualities in his voice...but this performance was again...not great.
The judges end by giving him a little extra idol push. Probably is not going to work for Matt like it did with Sarver last week.

Jeanine Vailes - "This love" Interesting hearing a female sing this song. Started good...but the chorus was simply HORRENDOUS. She was off- key the entire song. Kara said it best - Over the top. Worst performance of the night (so far).

Nick/Norman - This has GOT to be the end of the road for this clown...for the sake of the integrity of AI...and for they sake of us all. He does Dreamgirls - You're gonna love me. For once...I actually kinda get him. In a different competition I can see him. But he's all wrong for American Idol. Try as I might...I'm just not going to love him.

Alison Ireheta - 16 years old...she looks a lot older...a lot older. "Alone"
Finally a contestant that absolutely picked the correct song for her. Best female performance of the season. This girls got "heart".

Chris Allen - I don't think I've ever even seen this guy. "Man in the mirror". Weak start and pitchy. Got better near the end...but kind of a strange performance.
Simon, Randy and Paula liked it. Kara was the only one who got it right here.

Megan Corkrey - Put your record on" - I love her voice (has the Amy Weinhouse thing going on). Perfect song choice but this performance was not one of her best. Pretty girl...but really weird strange dancing detracted from the performance as well.

Matt Breitske -"The Welder". "If you could only see" - First part of the song was pretty good, but when it got to the rockdrive part it went downhill fast. We should see Matt going home tonight. Simon doesn't give him the "Sarver push"...

Jessie Langseth - I don't recognize her either...until they showed the "sing for your life" I remember her. She's got a much better look (which is probably why I didn't recognize her)... She wasn't very good in that sing-off. Tonight she's doing "Betty Davis Eyes". She's a Little bit better tonight, but still not worthy of the final 12.

Kai - Definitely one of the "coolest" guys on the show. Seems like someone that you would just want to hang out with. "What becomes of a broken heart" - Kai does well.
Not an outstanding performance, but he doesn't let me down. Best guy of the night so far.

Mishevonna Henson - "Drops of Jupiter" Bio talks about being on the show last year and getting cut in Hollywood. Must not have gotten any air time...cause I don't
remeber her. So her performance tonight - Pretty good. Not up to the level of Allison..but she had her moments.

....and finally Adam Lambert - I have been into him from the beginning...hope he doesn't let me down tonight. "Satisfaction" - Man...I was worried...but wow...Adam was hot. Vocals were great...incredible range and he took a song that everyone knows and in AI fashion "Made it his own".

So when the night began I said that the competition tonight should be tough. Wow...what a let down. With the exception of a couple of people, this was just not a good night. Group 1 overall was much much much better.

Who should go through: Allison, Adam and Kai

Who will go through: Allison, Adam and Megan

Major disappointment tonight - Jasmine and Matt.

Best tonight - tossup between Allison and Adam

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