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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hollywood Week 2 . . . Night 1 . . .

Hola everybody,

I was going to make this a very smooth posting, but, upon review of the tape, I think I'm just going to post my initial impressions . . . let me know what you think . . .

We’re down to 72
By themselves with the band, backup singers and instruments
Last chance to make an impression
Contestants will be divided at the end – some will stay and some will go
This is American Idol
Hollywood Week Day 4
We’re back in the Kodak Theater
They are split into groups – the judges are making their final decision.
4 groups of 18
Rewinding to the auditions
No comments
Adam Lambert – Paula/Kara DioGuardi split – He’s doing Cher . . . oh my . . . “Believe” – Strangely, I’m kind of feeling it . . . a little whiney, but very original
Matt – Georgia on my mind – piano – AWESOME! SIMPLY AMAZING!
Back to the main holding room – Danny and Jamar are in different groups
Jamar – Delilah – I don’t love this interpretation, but he has a great voice
Danny – I Hope You Dance – He is on point to be one of the final 4 . . . I love this guy
Judges continue deliberations
Anuk – My Perogative . . . Good, but ok
Jorge – I just can’t stop – um . . .
Scott McIntyre – blind – finally at the piano – “I’m Going Home” risky . . . I’m a little less convinced . . . strangely, but he was very good.
Kendall – Before He Cheats – Way just ok
Stevie Wright – just ok
Lil Rounds – Alicia keys – she’s through
Kristin McNamara – Because of you – impressed more than I thought Iwould be . . . I think she’s through . . . .
Mischavonna – kind of boring, but a good voice . . . I think she’s gone
Back to deliberation
One group through
Another group through
Tatiana – I’m Your Baby Tonight – Girl’s got a voice, but she’s annoying as hell
Alexis – Before he cheats – not sure
Kenny – I’m Yours – I like him
Jasmine – Tattoo – nice voice
Nathaniel – gay boy – Disturbia – acoustic – I kind of liked it
Joanna – forgot the words – but a good voice
Casey – forgot the words
Steven Fowler – He’s forgotten the words . . . yikes . . . twice
Tatianna changes rooms
Norman/Nick – “Georgia” – Sadly this boy has a good voice, but his persona is laughable
Judges have decided
Ann Marie - very sweet . . . but maybe too nice . . . I think she’s done
Juneau - Delilah – I’m a fan . . . He changed the song and I like his smokey voice . . . .
Tatianna joins group 4
Kaylan – kind of forgot the words – but has a nice voice
Laneisha Young – “Love Song” – wrong song for her voice . . . kind of boring . . . but good voice
Kai – weak vocal –
Michael Sarver – the welder – I love him . . . He’s through
Final decisions are made . . . Simon’s gone
Room 2 – THEY ARE THROUGH! HOORAY! – Alexis Grace, Joanna, Jasmine, Nathaniel, Steven, and Michael!
Room 3 – including Castro’s brother - THEY DIDN’T MAKE IT! L
One group is through and another is gone . . . .
Room 1 – I see Danny and Jamar . . . this group should go through . . . AND THEY DO!
Room 4 - THEY GO THROUGH! After some major Tatianna drama
Tomorrow, we must go from 54 to 36 in the major elevator ride . . . with a twist . . .some of the contestants will sing for their survival . . .

Stay tuned for tomorrow night

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

Hey J:

Glad to see you back here....I was thinking it was just gonna be me and L/K the way things were looking! now we gotta get everyone else...

Anyway...I agree with your assessment for the most part...however I gotta disagree with you Bro on a couple of things.

Adam Lambert - I love this guy. I have loved him from the beginning. I definitely see him in the top 5. I wasn't feeling the "believe" was just aiiiight for me.

Matt – (Georgia on my mind – piano – AWESOME! SIMPLY AMAZING!) Agree.
Danny and Jamar - at first I was much more into Jamar than Danny, however the last couple of weeks Danny has improved considerably and Jamar has kind of leveled out. At this point I see Danny in the top 12...I don't see Jamar there. .
Scott McIntyre – blind – finally at the piano – “I’m Going Home” - very risky to do a former idol song...I've never understood why they do it. Especially covering Daughtery? I thought it was very very week compared to the original.
Tatiana – (Girl’s got a voice) hit amd miss with me, when she's good she's good, but when she's not...well you get it, (but she’s annoying as hell) Absolutely....the girl has got to GO!!! I was so annoyed with her in the room and when they made it through....her cutthroat bitch move to cry on Paula's shoulder. Man...I want her outta here more than I wanted Phil, KLC and Josh Gracin off the show in years past.
Jasmine – Tattoo – again....DON'T COVER IDOLS!!!! She simply demonstrated that she is no Jordin...and I actually really like Jazmin.
Nathaniel – (gay boy – Disturbia – acoustic – I kind of liked it).
One word....Weak....he sounded monotone to me. His theatrics are too over the top. Scott disagrees strongly with me here...but facepierce boy is gone tonight.

Steven Fowler –Thought he was a goner for sure. I like him a lot but he was extremely weak in this round.

(Tatianna changes rooms)- I love how they did this for dramatic effect. Idol at its best.

Norman/Nick – “Georgia” – Sadly (this boy has a good voice)...J.J.J....tsk tsk tsk....What are you thinking? Good voice? Are you crazy???? Actually, Scott thinks so too. I don't see it at all. Maybe its because his persona is so annoying, but this guy should never have made it to Hollywood, let alone still be here at this point. I think they are just keeping him to keep the drama going. Can you imagine how the people in his room must have felt last night?