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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood

Ok....Scott had the laptop and I wasn't able to start I don't have the names here.

The girl who sang Whitney...she was good...but no Whitney. Why do they choose those songs. The guy who Simon said was distracting my the faces he pulled....was distracting by the faces he pulled.
The next group all goes through...including face pierce boy.

Von Smith, Jorge Nunez, Stephen Fowler -
Stephen Fowler has a good quality to his voice. I like him a lot.
Jorge - another good voice. Not as strong as Stephen
Von Smith - What was that? It was horrible. Simon said - indulgent nonsense.
(I'm wondering...did I like him before?)
The three guys make it through...
Judges say bad song choice is doing people in (Isn't that Idol rule #1)?
Nick Mitchell -aka Norman....made it through as a joke - continues as a joke..problem is...he just isn't that funny. (Did Paula and Randy really say he has skills/talent) did he make it through again? Seriously....what is up
Scott McCentre and Stacey Jordan make it through.
Funny thing...they show them loading into vans at the Renaissance Hotel to the Kodak Theater which is actually only about 200 yards from the theater
Jackie Thon - Smokey voice - better than the rocker chick that was in the top 12 last year. She makes it through.
Danny and Jamar - Jamar (California Dreaming - sounded a little flat). Danny - Kissed by a rose -(not even in the same league as seal)....I don't see Danny making it too much further.
Katrina - Bikini Girl - missed her audition. Sings better than I expected. Randy/Simon liked her...Paula and new judge...not so much...but she makes it through.
Jesus Valenzuela - doesn't make it through...I'm not surprised.
Jeremy Sarver - They like not so much.
David Osmond - he can sing. Ericka Wesley---not really. Emily (sings a song that she didn't rehearse)...sounds like she didn't rehearse. Emily survives...Ericka doesn't.
Alexis grace, Adam Labert...and some others go through...

Tonights show...whirlwind pace...I had a hard time keeping up. At least we get more than I Hollywood night this year.!!!!

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