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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Idols and a little Queen (and we're not talking Ryan)

So we start tonight's show with a medley of Queen Songs. It was awkward especially for Phil. Phillip just cannot sing anything outside his limited genre and this medley really exposed how limited he really is. First up - Jessica - Bohemian Rhapsody. She was good. Vocal was excellent but the performance seemed awkward. For was just aiiiight. I'd give it a 6 Second - Skylar "The Show must go on". I wasn't sure what to think of this performance. I loved parts, but parts seemed forced to me. Could Randy have fallen over himself more praising the performance? His heaping on the praise seemed entirely forced to me. I'd give Skylar a 7. Third - Joshua "Crazy little thing called love". I actually didn't like this performance at all. It was just weird to me. The genre and him did not mesh with me at all. Obviously the judges disagree...I completely did not get this performance. For me it was vocals 2 checks...performance 2 checks...overal 6. Fourth - "I want it all". This is much more her genre. She looks the part. Vocals are great and performance was very appropriate. My only criticism is that I felt it was a little retrained. 8. Fifth - Phillip. For me this was just painfully bad. He seemed to be straining the entire song. For me...this was one of his worst. I would give him a 3. Sixth - Hollie "Save me" - Is Hollie sending a less than subtle message? I thought the vocals were good but the performance was a bit boring. It was ok....not great. 6 Round 1: Elise, Skylar, Jessica, Hollie, Joshua, Phillip Round 2 Jessica - "Dance with my father". More hit and miss for me. Parts were incredible but parts were overly sentimental to me. 8. Skylar - good...this was classic Skylar 9 Joshua- Song seemed very heartfelt but did nothing for me. Another standing O from the Judges. I thought it was good, but not worthy of being called "speechless" by Randy. 7 Elise - I agrred with Randy on this one. Elise completely oversang that song. 6 Phillip - Much much better than the first song. This is phillip in his element 7. Hollie - Good...but plastic. Another Standing O...really? It was ok...but nothing great. 6 Now I'm convinced that the accent is fake. It totally explains why you can't understand her when she talks yet when she sings, she's all of a sudden completely clear..... The Verdict: Jessica (14), Skylar (16), Joshua (13), Elise (14), Phillip (10), Hollie (12) Rubbertoes bottom 3 - Phillip, Joshua and Hollie Americas bottom 3 - Hollie, Joshua and Elise Going Home: Hollie (Should be Phillip).


DrL/K said...

Hey did part of your post get cut off? It just ended abruptly :)

Rubbertoe said...

Nah.....I think I was just frustrated with that new format...and I was falling asleep. I usually clean it up and put in a little more analysis...but last night was just too blah...for me at least. I didn't have the energy!!!!