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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yep, Shoulda Held Off On That Save

HA! Bet they didn't see that coming. So, Colton has an "off" night and the Tweetards
throw him to the wolves? Jeez, that is a fickle demographic.
I'm no Colton fan, but when I heard it the first thing I said to Dr. L was,
Idol will be a little more boring next week...


Rubbertoe said...

AS soon as the show started and it said "Another Shocker"....I knew it was Colton. The thought passed my mind that perhaps it was Phil...but only for a fleeting second. I truly believe that Phil is going to win now. Just like in years past with Taylor Hicks and even last year with Scotty....someone who I didn't believe would go far seems to have the voting block that propels them. I'm afraid though for AI they will have another Chris Allen/Lee Dywze/Taylor Hicks on their hands. I don't see Phil becoming any kind of a superstar. He'll put out one album and fade into oblivion.

DrL/K said...

When I saw Taylor Hicks in the crowd I thought of you LOL! I think you are so right. Get ready for the confetti to rain down on PP this finale!
We always speed through the AI results show, and just listen to Jimmy's review and the results (LMFAO is just too ridiculous) so we missed Colton's "cocky" remark. It was a classic, though. Now his votes will go to the Phil Harmonic :)

Rubbertoe said...

The funny thing about Taylor much as I hated him on the show...and he still bugs me today...I actually kinda like his CD. I didn't buy it...a friend of mine got it as a gift and didn't want it. Its actually not too bad.