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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That 80's Show

Idol taking us back to our high school least MY high school days......

First off....what is up with Ryan tonight? He looks a little is off a little, his mouth seems super enormous tonight and his lips extra red.....and then he seems overly peppy....

80's night and what the idols miss from home

First up...Deandre. His misses his car. I can relate. It would suck just getting your license and then not being able to drive....but get over're on IDOL! He does a GREAT job with Debarge. I liked this performance a million times better than last week. I enjoyed the use of his natural voice with just a little bit of the falsetto. I only would have suggested a little bit less of the falsetto. I think he overplays it.

Elise - misses her band...they used to ROCK OUT. Foreigner. Good Smart song choice by her, although I liked her version of Hallelujia. Although...I'm not loving this performance. It sounds a little flat and it lacks the energy that should be there.
It should have been much better than it was. I'm actually surprized that the judges got this one right. I expected them to fall all over praising her. Right on judges.

Duet #1 Colton/Skylar - I liked it pretty good...but I'm really starting to get a little bothered by watching Colton. He just comes across a little freaky and the faces he pulls are just weird. The song was much more in Skylar's domain...but Colton did pretty good with it.

Phillip - misses his brother guitarist....wishes that he could perform up on stage with him. Hmmmmm...this seems a little too staged Idol....if he's there......Of course he predictable and dull contrived.
Horrible in the beginning. He kicked into it half way through though. He seems to be having a fun time with it. I didn't like it the same as last week....

GREAT NIKE AD....That was incredible....LOVED IT!!!!!!

Duet #2 - Hollie and Deandre- Pointer Sisters. I'm so excited. I LOVED this song in the 80's....specifically 1985. The song was kind of a weird fit for Hollie...but perfect for Deandre. Strange pairing here.

Joshua - Misses his family. If you don't know me by now - simply red. Mentors tell him to be more simply....good advice. Joshuas problem is that he oversings everything. I'm also not loving all his sports jackets..he comes across as a past generation Vegas singer. He SHOULD have done fine young cannibals...suspicious minds or Johnny....this was just another of the same performane that we've seen from him several times before. It was good, but it didn't show us anything new.

Jessica - Misses...boys and nails and shopping. How will I Know - Whitney. For me...this wasn't her best performance ever. Maybe she's set the bar too high and we are judging her against herself...good...but not Great.

Duet #3 - Phillip and Elise - Stop dragging my heart around. This pairing makes sense. A better choice would have been "Love lift us up"....Phillip totally reminds me of Joe Crocker that way he pulls faces when he sings. But this was actually pretty good.

Hollie -, friends and her dog. What a feeling - Flashdance. Jimmy is right...she needs to bring "feeling" and "personality" which are the two biggest things that Hollie lacks. She seems to be rushing it....the timing seems way off at the beginning. She showed more personality than normal here, but still it doesn't feel natural. was a solid performance...I'm not jumping out of my seat but I enjoyed it.

Duet #4 - Jessica and Joshua- Knew you were waiting. This one was worth the wait...I thought it was definitely the best duet of the night.

Colton - misses face painting. Time after Time. Missed opportunity again here....Howard Jones...Colton....Howard Jones. I liked the fact that he did a modern update to the song and make it different. I thought it worked.

Skylar - I wasn't paying attention, did she say she misses her guns? Wind beneath my wings - Bette Midler. I LOVED this. I Loved how she took it and gave it a country twist in much the same way Whitney took a Country song in "always love you" and made it pop. Skylar carried this one well.


Tonight...we are going to find out how strong Phillip's voting base is, because he should definitely be in the bottom 3. If he isn't, THAT will be a good indication that he's getting some strong votes and we could be getting the next Lee Dawyze/Taylor Hicks idol that goes no where. My bet is that Phillip isn't in the bottom 3.

Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Elise, Phillip and Hollie

America's Bottom 3: Elise, Hollie and Deandre (Only because I can't think of a third person).

Going Home: Hollie. She just doesn't have the personality to connect with the audience and this week it will do her in. But I half-way expect the judges to save her.

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