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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Will Rock You (Not So Much)

The award for best blog post title goes to Rubbertoe, we died laughing when we read it. Tonight's mentors: Queen! You could tell a couple Idols (Jessica, Joshua) had no idea who these old British dudes were. Wow, Ryan looks rough, but he's earning those millions. Jessica: Bohemian Rhapsody. Weak. Rock is definitely not her strong suit. Kiss of Death spot could hurt her, especially since this was bleh. They didn't know what to say. Skyler: this was fantastic! Who knew she could rock out like this? Made Jessica eminently forgettable. Maybe I'm just amazed she can sound slightly different, unlike some other contestants... Joshua: Crazy Little Thing Called Love: I was kind of whatever on this one. He did FAR better than Jessica, but still paled next to Skyler. What was with the praise? This "judging" is all so obviously dictated from above tonight. Elise: I Want It All. definitely in her element. She should do one of these every week. Maybe still 2nd to Sklyer, but very close. Anytime she scales back the overblown runs is aces with me. Phillip: Fat Bottom Girls! He was cracking up at the beginning. Honestly, it was okay, but subconsciously I had already forgotten it when I wrote this up and left him out. I had to go back and type this. That isn't a good sign is it? Hollie: Save Me. (Not the best song to potentially get voted out on).why did she pick this song? It's just so dull compared to the others. She did okay, again, no one was as bad as BB Chez, but she's bringing up the rear. Anybody notice how much the judges are reading from notes this week? It's like you don't even see their eyes for 2/3 of the judging. Nigel must me pulling the puppet strings hard. Personal Choice: Jessica: Dance With My Father Again. We honestly can't say how she did, because Holy Shit, I can't listen to this damn song again on Idol. We fast-forwarded. I'm sure she did fine, it's her wheelhouse. They slathered praise on her. Give it up, fools. Skyler: Tattoo on This Town? Who knows, some unknown Kountry Song. A little TOO twangy for us. She can sing, but this was a little "indulgent" as Simon would say, for me. Not her best. At least Steven called it right. Two hours is just too long, Idol. Don't be so greedy. Joshua: I'm Ready For Love. Wow, a beautiful song. This was one of his best. Standing O was deserved. This is the kind of moment all the others should be striving for. Makes up for his B-level 1st song. Good styling on him, too. Elise: Bold As Love. I LOVE this song from Hendrix. She sang about 1000 too many runs on it, but it was okay. Only Randy (imagine that!) spoke the truth. Side note: sweet that Idol is letting these contestants bring up bandmates. Philip: Some DMB song. Sounded just like it, I guess, but I didn't know it. Sounds like the judges didn't either. Except Randy who throws in the Nigel praise. Ryan's girlfriend wants to jump him, so he's got that in his back pocket. Hollie: singing Miley. Probably a smart move. It's funny to me, so many Idol wannabes want to sing this song, and they're aways better than Miley to me. But the tweentards probably creamed their jeans when she sang it. Loved watching her dance her little jig when she got the standing O. She really did a good job. Jessica could be in trouble. This is getting to the last few, so anybody who didn't make the top two is in trouble. That's anybody but Skyler and maybe Hollie, and Phillip is the last "cute" guy, so… B3: Jessica, Elise, Joshua. Jessica, this could be it.

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