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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Totally tubular! 80s night on Idol!

Yay - we were in highschool in the 80s too!! There was a LOT of great music in the 80s…not that you will ever hear any of it on Idol.

We have to agree with RT re: Ryan. K's theory is that because of Ryan's schedule, every season for about the past 3-4 years - there are days that Ryan seems drugged. He makes inappropriate comments or weird facial gestures, in general just seems out of it. Might not be amphetamines, maybe coffee or Redbull - but it is something!

Deandre - good job with Debarge, but not as great as last week. Any week with less falsetto is a plus. Loved hearing his natural voice. Too bad he's in the kiss-of-death spot, because he was far from the worst tonight -but it could hurt him.

Elise - did everything wrong that she didn't do last week - by adding so much melisma to this Foreigner song. DrL says she should have sung 'Betty Davis Eyes' or another Kim Carnes tune. All the weird runs in the song, and that prom dress might cost her.

First duet: Colton/Skylar - we actually thought it looked painful for Colton to be up there. Notice how he was supposed to be singing to her, but took every opportunity to sing to the camera or anywhere else. DrL hates this tune, so it was hard for her to be objective! Worst duet of the night?

Phillip - Weird rendition, DMB version of the Phil Collins song. He gets so contorted - and every song has some pent up anger in it. No wonder he is having some gut problems.

Note to self - why does Idol like so many country singers? Is there an angle here?

Second duet - enjoyed it! Too bad Holly couldn't have sung this way on her own song. Deandre did great and seems like a good-natured guy.

Joshua - Totally agree with RT that Fine Young Cannibals would have been great!! This was a better Joshua than we have seen in recent weeks. The problem was that he wrecked the song at the end by over singing it. The judges were going crazy for it - but to me it sounds more crazy train!

Jessica - or BB Chez? Whitney song - good performance, okay song - but sounded like better than average karaoke to K. She always looks cute and stylish - not DrL's favorite song of hers.

Third duet - Philip & Elise with Tom Petty song. K's vote for best duet of the night - loved it! Good match of their voices. Boy - Phil sure does need his guitar on stage, he looked like he was trying to contort himself into a ball on stage.

Hollie - she did seem to be conscious of having to do more - and she wanted to have more fun. We thought it was actually pretty good - not as bad as the judges stated. Suspect that this might be some bus-throwing by them, as she is clearly not someone they want to win this competition.

Duet 4 - Jessica & Joshua - call us crazy, but we weren't falling over in amazement about this performance like everyone else seemed to be. It was just what-ev from our POV.

Colton - Totally agree on the Howard Jones suggestion - we have thought that from the beginning! You are right on with the suggestions tonight RT! It was interesting in parts - but the repetitive parts of the tune made it kind of boring. K is a little weirded out by the Christian-rock/faux enthusiasm that he seems to throw into every performance.

Skylar - best choice of the two songs she selected, but it was funny how she still couldn't hold back from trying to jump up and down at the end of the song! This was not the 'moment' we were promised. DrL thought the first part of the song was great - the more controlled singing, less twang. Side note: wasn't it funny earlier how adamant she was that she is NOT Colton's girlfriend?!


DrL/K Bottom Three: Elise, Hollie, Phillip

America's Bottom Three: Elise, Deandre, Hollie
Deandre goes home

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disneydude0 said...

Good Call!!!! LOVED your review BTW. Sad to see Deandre go, but his days were numbered. Even more sad to see Phillip NOT in the bottom 3, I'm very concerned that we might have another Lee Dwyze/Taylor Hicks on our hands....

BTW....any idea on what happended to J? He stuck his head in for a minute and hasn't been back. I miss his commentary and I think if he were around to tabulate the guys would be kicking butt.

BTW.....what happened to hot fiddle guy? He hasn't been on since early this season. Nathan Stoopes....I'll have to check his facebook fan site...I haven't gotten much from it lately!