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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hens deliver the goods? For me tonight it was the Roosters.

First up - Skylar. Did her Grandpaw REALLY have to say that they were going to go kill that big deer? Just sayin. Skylar was right on. Perfect song choice for her. I liked the class country flair that she brought to the song. As Steven said....the crows crow but the hens deliver the goods.....Skylar delivered tonight.

Second up - Colton. I sense no love lost between Colton and Phillip based on his reaction of being compared to him. Coltons practice session sounds horrible...and again...I can't stand the faces that he pulls when he sings. The actual performance starts out really strong though. His falsetto is really really weak though. I liked his version of the song though. The string section accompainment was great. Aside from the falsetto...I thought this was one of Colton's best performances.

Duos again - Elise/Phillip - this dues is painfully bad. Sounds extremely amateurish. This one is worse than a high school talent show. Even the way it was filmed came off looking like a bad telethon number.

Third up - Jessica. She sang it great, but I really did not like the song. Its not my choice of genre and therefore this week did nothing for me. Randy was correct...she did an amazing "Fish slaying" job...just not my cup of tea.

Fourth - Joshua. Its nice seeing a different side of Joshua. He looks very comfortably on the stage. I loved the go go silouhettes....or however you spell it. This is the first week that Joshua didn't over sing the song. Joshua showed that he is very versatile with this song.

Wow...did could the lack of chemistry between he and his preacher father be anymore obvious? They brought his father up...the father looked completely like he didn't want to be there...and Joshua looked embarassed to have his dad up there....weird.

Duet #2 - Colton and Skylar - Once again Colton is out of his element. Skylar is right in hers.

Fifth - Hollie. Jimmy is right....she needs to turn the gas up. She needs to have the believablity factor that he is missing. This week.....still lacking. She's got a good voice...but she's missing a big piece of the complete package.

Sixth - Phillip. Wants to do a little something different this week...really Phillip....the man who pretty much does the same song week after week. I liked the female saxophonist! Phillip comes across as a cute nice guy...and for once he actually doesn't look like he is in pain when he is performing..he looks like he is having fun. This was probably his best performance for me, but still not enough to keep him out of the bottom 3 for me.

Duet #3 - actually a trio...Jessica, Joshua dn Hollie. Another weak group number. Joshua stood out over the other two here. Arrangement was just weird.

7th - Elise. Wanted to sing and play drums...seriously....have these people not watched previous seasons. Only one person pulled that off. Elise would have been a disaster. At the piano works. The outfit is bad....she's no Gaga..and the outfit doesn't work. The performance was better than last week...didn't seem as forced. Not up to the level of two weeks ago though.

Tonight from Best to Worst:


Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Phillip, Hollie and Elise

I think America is really going to get it wrong this week. All of the performances were pretty much equally as good as each other this week...all in all good. So America's bottom 3 is not going to be the worst 3, but those with the weakest voting blocks.
I suspect that Colton, Jessica and Phillip have the strongest voting blocks. Skylar probably has a strong block in the country vote..but is likely to be hurt ultimately by the country duo finally from last year. So we get to the 3 weakest voting blocks and hence...America's bottom 3.

Joshua...who for me was the best of the night will be in the bottom 3 as a result.
Hollie....who deserved to be in the bottom 3
and Elise
Joshua will take the place of Phillip who SHOULD be in the bottom 3.

Going home: Hollie


DrL/K said...

Great analysis! We totally agree that now it is coming down to who has the voting blocks. One website compared it to Logan's Run, saying "old" Elise doesn't have a chance LOL! Hard to believe you're washed up @ 28. But the Idol-verse has some ruthless tweens voting.

We are working to get some tickets! Hopefully we will hear something soon, maybe we can all catch a show.

Rubbertoe said...

Hey Hey....let me know. My connections have dried up. If you do...I'd love to join you guys!!!!

Rubbertoe said...

Hey Hey....let me know. My connections have dried up. If you do...I'd love to join you guys!!!!