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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The top 7 redux I have to begin this week with a caveat....I feel asleep in the second half and don't think I'll have time to catch up before the results show, so this is based only on the first performance and my overall season projections.

Hollie - I was a little afriad of her doing Adele...but Hollie actually pulled it off. She, for the first time, actually showed some personality

Colton - Bad Romance, Lady Gaga....was a bad choice. I thought it was horrendous. It lacked the vibe that Gaga brings to it. Wow...the judges are being way too nnice to him here.

Elise - With the dress and the reminds me of the Stevie Nicks videos from the 80's. Jimmy states that she doesn't have the week to week fan base...and he's absolutely right. Elise probably has one of the weakest fan bases. She can't afford any slip ups and even without a major slip she's very likely out this week. This performance I thought was good. She look beautiful and she seemed to be having a lot of fun with the song. Great Smile. Did they REALLY just pimp her dying dog? Seriously? Well...that's gotta be worth a few votes.

Phil - Doing Usher? This is a more polished and refined Phil. I liked it because it wasn't just Phil's one version of a song. He showed a little more a little more diversity here. I still would never buy an album of him...but it was pretty good.
Did Randy actually praise his "Originality"? I'm sorry, but if there is something that Phil is not week to week is original.

Jessica - I didn't like the song choice here. I think this is the genre of music that got her into trouble the last week. Again, she sang it beautiful just like last week, but the result may be the same.

Skylar - Born this way. First question (Where is hot fiddle guy?) The new guy was ok, but not as hot...HFG was on earlier this year, but he's been gone for a while. Awesome version of the song here. Skylar had the energy and personality that really made this song.

Joshua - Might be a big mistake trying Fantasia's signature song....and it was. His version didn't even come close to Fantasia and exposed him as someone who is not worthy of being in the finale. The judges give him a standing O? I'm shocked.

Round 1 (Worst to Best)


Round #1 goes to Skylar with Phil a close second.

Rubbertoes Bottom 3: Colton, Joshua and Elise

America's Bottom 3: Joshua, Elise and Hollie.

Going home (If only 1) : Elise

If two: Elise and Hollie

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