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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Predicting the top 12 girls

OK...I thought it was just the major pimping of the women...but when I sat down to do the top 12 girls, I was amazed at how many of them I have no clue about? I think there were more women than men. Maybe it is that AI is majorly pimping a half dozen women at the expense of the others? Not really sure...but there are many who I don't remember at all. Could it be that AI is hiding some of the really good talent for Vegas to surprise us? I think they have done that in the past. Anyhow...on to the list. Adriana Latonio - Who? I'm serious.....who? Amber Holcomb - another who? Angela Miller - yet another who? Aubrey Cleland and still another? Who are these people? Brandy Hotard - I really like her. She's a dark horse in the competition. I think she makes it into the top 12 girls. She was one of the stronger ones in Hollywood. Breeana Steer I have zero memory of her Bridgett Hermano - or of her Candice Glover - She is actually really really awesome and the exception to the rule this year. She was passed over in years past. Not really sure why because she certainly has proven herself worthy of the top 12 girls. Cristabel Clack - The only memory I have of her is that she went through on a group that I didn't think any of them should go I am going to say no. Isabelle - Really? The single name is just a little bit pretentioius don't ya think? Seriously. Until you have reached the status of Cher or Madonna, it is really just plain silly and annoying to use one name. C'mon even Celine Dion doesn't do that and aren't even CLOSE to being in the same league as many on AI let alone those women. I think she gets in because AI loves her and has been pimping her. But I wouldn't put her through Janelle Arthur - She is definitely in. For two reasons....MEGA pimpage by AI and she can actually sing. AI wants to push the Janelle Rachel country fight. She was a bit of a diva in Hollywood and I don't think she is as good as she thinks she is, but that said, she is pretty good. Jennie Beth Willis - who? Julianna Chaayed - who? Kamaria Ousley who? Another trio of who are these people? Kree Harrison - She is in the top 12 for sure. AI has been majorly pimping her since the auditions. I don't think that she is all any other year she would have been lost in the masses. Which leads me to once again question the "Best Females ever in the entire world history of American Idol" push this year. Melinda Ademi - She's good....doesn't really stand out to me. She's a fence sitter Rachel Hale - The other half of the country divas. I have gone back and forth over which one I like better out of her and Janelle. I am leaning much more to Rachel these days. No worries....they both get through. Shuba Vidula - The girl with the cool name. She has one of the best voices in the competition. She gets through for sure and I think is a strong contender for the top 5 overall. Tenna Torres - No. She shouldn't be in the top 20, definitely not in the top 12. Zoanette Johnson - She can sing...but she is just waaaaaay waaaaaay waaaaaay too freaky madeeky. She is a goner fer sure! Definitely in (6): Candice Glover, Brandy Hotard, Isabelle Whateverhernameis, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Rachel Hale Definitey out (3): Zoanette Johnson, Cristabel Clack, Tenna Torres On the cusp (1): Melinda Ademi Who are these people? (10) : Adriana Latonio, Amber Holcolmb, Angela Miller, Aubrey Cleland, Angela Miller, Brianna Starr, Bridgette Hermano, Jennie Beth Willis, Julianna Chaayed, Kamaria Ousley, I guess we will have to wait for Vegas to give a more accurate ranking of these people. But it is fun to do a pre-season slightly educated guess!

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