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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Predicting the top 12 guys

So...I'm attempting to do a break down of the top 20 guys...but I'm finding it difficult. Could it be because Idol has been doing a mega-pimp of the girls and we don't know much about the guys? Hmmmmmm...I kinda think so. There are so many guys that I don't remember much of...but here goes: Curtis Finch - He has a great powerful gospel voice...but he seems pretty limited to that genre. I don't think he is even close to being as versatile as Joshua Ledet from last year Cortez Shaw - I actually really like this guy. I'm not sure that he gets through because he doesn't really stand out and they haven't really pimped him much. He's a borderline for me. David Willis - Don't remember him Bryant Tedao - Hilo Hawaiian guy. I'm not sure on him...he's been hot and cold. He was not all that strong in Hollywood...but AI loves Hawaiians, we've had a couple females, no I give him an edge on getting through Burnell Taylor - Nope. Not strong enough. Doesn't have the range. Chris Watson - This is the big hair bow guy. I don't think he gets much further. I'm surprized that he is even in the top 20 Elijah Liu - Don't remember anything about him. Devin Veliz - The only thing I remember about him is that he does WAAAAAYY too many runs when he sings. But they usually love that kind of thing Gurpreet Sarin - He's got a good voice...I'm not sure its top 12 material and I think that because he doesn't fit within the AI mole he's not likely to be in the top 12. Johnny Keyser - He is a shoo-in for the top 12. Maybe not on voice, which is good, but not one of the best...but based on combination of looks and talent...primarily looks. AI will want him in the top 12. Jimmy Smith - Another shoo in for the top 12. This time based soley on voice. Josh Holiday - Nothing stands out in my mind about him Josh Davila - This is the mega queen that we didn't even see until Hollywood week. The guy is there simply for comic relief. He doesn't have the talent to go much further. Definitely will not be in the top 12 Kevin Harris - Don't know who he is Charlie Askew - This is the ginger boy. He's had a great ride, but his time is up in Vegas. He doesn't have to voice to go on. Nick Boddington - I didn't like him last year...and I really don't care much for him this year. I think he gets through this time...only because there has to be at least one Phil Stacey type that annoys me for at least a couple of weeks...and probably 3-5 weeks longer than they should. Paul Jolley - Don't Remember him Vincent Powell - Don't even remember even seeing this guy Lazaro Arbos - This is the cute guy with the severe stutter. I doubt he will make the top 12. He's cute and he's got a great story, but his lack of confidence and lack of familiarity with a lot of the music is going to sabotage him. I expect him to self-destruct in Vegas. He was on the verge in Hollywood and I think he's nerves are going to do him in Mathenee Traco - The only thing I remember is that I didn't think he was very good. So the breakdown: Don't Remember at all (7): Kevin Harris, Vincent Powell, Mathenee Traco, Paul Jolley, Josh Holliday, Elijah Liu, David Willis, Definitely Out (5): Charlie Askew, Burnell Taylor, Chris Watson, Josh Davila, Gupreet Sarin, Definitely In (4): Nick Boddington (boo), Bryant Tadeo, Johnny Keyser, Jimmy Smith On the cusp (4): Curtis Finch, Cortez Shaw, Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos Next: Predicting the Top 12 Women.

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