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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hollywood...errrr...Northridge week

Sorry...this blog is all over the place. Hollywood week is so fast paced that its hard to keep up... Hollywood...First round Sudden death eliminations - brutal Wow Mariah's booty sure looks big in that blue dress Micha Johnson in the first group - tonsil guy. Gets a standing O from Keith Hes on to round 2 along with some others that I didn't know. Nate Tao - Sign language boy...goes through Gabe Brown - Gupreet as well... Carl Skinner - He was the strange farmer like Midwestern ginger boy. He gets cut...As well as Dustin Watts the firefighter and Calvin Peter the singing Dr. Cortez Shaw - Sings Always love you. I don't remember this guy. Split between the Divas. They give him another shot. Curtis Finch Jr. - a little too much of a gospel type singer. Frankie Ford. I remember I loved this guy...and he goes through Lazaro - The stuttering boy. He's super super nervous...but he pulls it through. Trevor Blankley...don't remember him Bryant Tadeo - From Hilo...saw his profile on FB today. He makes it through after a psyche out from Nikki Brian Rittenbery - guy with cancer survivor wife...he doesn't go through...and I agree I would have cut him too. 1/2 of the guys get cut in round On to Group night....but with a twist this year... This year the producers are grouping them First up...the mathheads with Matheus...Nick Boddington is good....meathenee as well. Gabe Brown....all of these guys are good. I'm digging Gabe Brown's voice. all four are through Normal Hills - Johnny Keyser, He's cute..but forgot the lyrics and voice is weak Kareem clark is waaaaaay off key. Very bad. 1/2 of them say they never heard the song before...really? Kareem gets cut...the others go through. Next Group...with Charlie Askew - socially awkward guy. Aspergers? Curtis Finch...Gospelly and theatrical...but he clearly shines in the group. They all go through though. The four tones with Micha Johnson. Vincent Powel Marvin Calderon and David Willis. They are all through. Young love ...Zach, Nate Tao, Cortez Shae, Elijah Liu....Cortez is the strongest here...They are all through B-side with Gupreet, ...they are all horrible...but they all go through. Devan Jones, Devin Velez, and the rest go Acapella....Adrian...go through Moflow - Burnell Taylor, Tony Foster...he's good...Mario Jose, Burnell Taylor good too....Darien Moses....great voice too. Weakest was Mario. Darien and Mario get cut. I'm a little surprised about Darien. Super 55 with Lazaro. , Josh Stephens, Scott Fleenor, Christian Lopez, ...they all sound pretty good. Obviously the judges didn't think it was as good as I did. Joshua and Scott get cut. Joshua feels that Lazaro stole his spot, but he takes the high road and congratulates him. I was glad to see that. Country Queen - Don't know who the queen is? I don't remember him in the auditions. Lee Pritchard ok...but not strong, JDA...Boy George wannabe....weak, Joel Wayman....weak....Trevor Blankley...I don't really like him, but he is the best of the group, voice wise, except he forgets all the words. In my opinion they should all be cut. Trevor and Lee are cut...JDA and Joel go on. DKSK...the young guys. David Leathers- Guy who got eliminated in Vegas (I don't remember him from last year).....Kevin Quinn... Caden...sounded like a little little boy....David Leathers makes it through as well as Sanni....Kayden and Kevin go home. Cut....were favorites...Griffin Peterson...the super hot guy Clifton Duffin who's parents had never heard him sing Last group - Frankie favorite...Papa peaches, Adam Sanders, Charles Allen. They are horrible. Frankie is falling apart. Charles Allen goes a great breakout solo. Papa peaches is a freak.....Nikki calls him too complacent. Frankie goes home..the others go through. I'm so usual. My favorite gets cut early on. The last two minutes broke my heart. I really hope that he does come back.

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