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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What happens in vegas part 2 - the Boys

A little of girl pimping by Mariah leaving them that the boys have to be on their best because the girls were just soooooo good. First up Paul Jolley - Works retail in a small rural town...and he starts with a slow country ballad. He's got a good voice, but the almost "whispering" quality of it I don't think does him any favors. Good...but didn't wow me. Next up, resident hunk Johnny Keyser...and another slow ballad. Starts off very very weak. Weird...almost like he is singing out of the back of his throat...gets better as the tempo picks up. He doesn't have much stage presence. If he goes on..he is going to have to really work on building some charisma to go along with his good looks. Personally I think he is in trouble, but AI is going to want him to go on. Jda- The artist of his own life. He is definitely different than any Idol contestant before. I'm not sure that I guite get him yet. He's got some talent but i'm not sure if he is gimmicky or unique. I'm just not sure whether to take him seriously. Keith called it "Counting Steps". He says that he is representing the gays...really JDA...THAT doesn't represent every gay person and I think THAT is part of his disconnect and what he doesn't get. Randy says that he felt "no originality"...and strangely I know exactly what Randy means. Kevin Harris - aka "Butta". Cute "Family Man"...with another slow ballad. I don't LOVE his voice. Its strangely in the upper register and not what I would have expected. Overall I would say just an Eh...performance. Nikki loved him. Randy disagrees 100%. Mariah didn't love it but she is afraid to say it. Chris Watson - Waiter from Dover Delaware. Bow Boy. I really kinda dig his voice. I think he could be kinda fun if he were to go on, but his vocals, although I dig his voice are not that strong. For was kind of a strange performance. Devin Velez - 18 year old from Chicago. Start is weird for me...seems like he is singing below his register. Once it gets into his register..much much much better. I love the Spanish/English combo in the song. I think he has potential to be really good in this competition if given the chance. Elijah - 18 half Mexican/half Chinese. Another slow ballad. I'm not sure that I love his high register voice and I don't love the look that they gave him. For me..this was by far the worst of the night. I would say he's a goner for sure. Nikki wants to have his baby...she is obsessed with him. I'm not connecting with Nikki on this one. Charlie Askew- Aspergers Boy. Glorifies Weirdness...been singing for birds his whole life. Excellent song choice for him. He looks extremely nervous. He can sing...but not good enough for this competition. Worst of the night. I thought it was funny that he went to JDA for fashion advice. Nikki gives him a standing O. Love Keith's comment..its like Freddie Mercury had a love child out of Woodstock. Several Short jokes from Ryan tonight. Is he finally embracing his Short stature? Jimmy Smith - He has a surfer dude Southern Country charm look about him. Sings...what? Another slow ballad. Wow...I thought he was one of the stronger guy voices of the competition, but this song goes Nowhere for me...and worse yet, I think it went nowhere for him. I think this song may have completely sabotaged him. I really think that he came in as a front runner and got creamed. Kind of a creepy stare into the camera before the commercial break. Curtis Finch - Raised in a church with gospel music in his blood. He definitely has the vocals, but is sooooo overly dramatic. He's got the talent but this isn't the right competition for him. Ruben sang this song 1 million times better in season 2. Ranking them: Devin Velez Curtis Finch JDA Johnny Keyser Chris Watson Paul Jolley Kevin Harris Elijah Jimmy Smith Charlie Askew. This is a tough one...I think the Judges are going to go on overall rather than tonight and surprise us. Safe: Johnny Keyser, Devin Velez Also in: Elijah, JDA, Curtis Finch On the cusp: Chris Watson Out for sure: Kevin Harris, Charlie Askew, Jimmy Smith, Paul Jolley The judges surprises yet. Elijah goes through even though I thought he was the third worst of the night. Jda goes home....THAT was a big surprise for me. I thought he was the third best of the night. I think he was shocked himself. Paul is a split decision....Jimmy puts him how does this work? What about who had to be the other split decision? Chris Watson is out too...not a huge surprise..but a little bit. Charlie stays on? of the night. What is going on. Johnny and Devin left and only one stool. why do I get the feeling that this is a bad attempt at an Idol Psych and they are going to put them both through. I can't imagine that one of them will go home while Charlie and Paul stayed. Nope....Johnny goes home. I'm a little surprised. Did he go because Paul stayed? Did Jimmy know that Johnny would be cut if Paul stayed? I have to believe that he did. This was a strange strange night.

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