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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Idol should be charged with pimping and pandering

Wow...can Idol be any more obvious that they are going to pimp and manipulate all season to get a woman AI? They aren't even trying to pretend that they are going to neutral...starting with the fact that there are many more women that made it through to Hollywood than men. As much as I would like to see a woman win, I don't like the feeling that we are being manipulated. First round....Anorexic girl, Mariah Pulce is out.... Also out...Ashley Smith, Ann Difanni, Sarah Verpuccio. I don't remember but I don't think I am surprised by any of them. Rachel Hale - The Happy girl v. Janell Arthur...the Country girls....they are both really good. I think Rachel is a little stronger. They are both through. Before the break...more mega pimping..."The best girls we've ever seen in this competition"....really Idol? Really? Candace Glover is in...Megan Miller is out. Isabelle...I don't recall seeing her before. I'm not blown away but the judges seem to like her. She's through. Kez Ban - screamed, hooted and hollered for other contestants and blew what little voice she had to start with. Brianna Oakley - I didn't think she was great in the auditions...and I still don't think she is that great. They both go this the best talent AI has ever seen Ryan? First group...They sound great...Kamaira is weak....Melinda ademi is good...Candace Glover is great.....Denise Jackson is also great. They are all through. Morgan Boberg, Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard...I really like her....They were all really good..but Brandy stood out above them all. The next group "Almost Famous"...they all look a mess. Savannah Notion, not feeling it. Lizz Weiss...harmony off, Daysia Hall...she's the best of a bad bunch. J'leigh something...never say her before. The singing was as bad as they looked. Daysia is the only one through. Kirss Mincey, Janell Stinney, Cristabel Clack....Cristabel is the only one that I would put through. Janell was such a drama queen. They all go through....not sure what the judges were thinking there. Shuba Vedula, Sarina Crowe, Aubrey Cleland all through. Sertha Guinn..good but not up to her audition, Tenna Torres...I'm not digging her, Kiara Lanier....that's a no. Seritha I would put through...the rest I wouldn't. Seritha is the only one that goes home? What? I'm definitely not agreeing with that one. Erin Christine, Zoanette Johnson looks like she's ready to walk the Boulevard...but she can sing, Lauren Bettes, Isabelle. I would put all of them through. Lauren goes home..thr others go through. Shira...horrible....Alisha..Slightly better but not much.....Liz Bills..weak weak weak. Courtney Calle...Best of the bad lot. Liz goes through...everyone else goes home. Shira asks for an explanation and they actually give her one....seriously...I would have told her to hit the road. Stephanie Schmiel...not feeling it. Alex Delaney...not good. Kalli Therinae, nothing special...Holly Miller. Wow...none of them should go through. What was this about the best girls ever Idol? I get the feeling that AI is trying to sell us a $5 street ho and tell us that it is a high price call girl. Stephanie and Holly go through. Britness Kellogg- she's good, Kree Harrison, ok....Brandy Neely, she sounds great, Kaley Davis..reading the words on her arm...she's good but she should be better. I would send everyone but Kree through. Nikki reads Kaley the riot act...but she is right. Brandy goes home. Again...I'm not getting it. She sounded better than any of them. Kez Ban, freaky just for freaky sake, Breanna Steer...not good, Angela Miller not bad...Janelle Arthur, good enough to go through. I'm afraid that they are going to put kez Ban through...I think they want her on for train wreck reasons. They all go through.

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