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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vegas Girls Part 2

Melinda Ademi - We find out was part of season 10 for a while...I don't really remember his story of te family immigrating from Kosovo. I'm not feeling her song at all...its too jerky, although at times I could her potential in her voice. Nikki - Angela sang it better last week? I don't have ANY recollection...need to go back and check my notes. Candice Glover - Cut in Vegas last year. Takes on the Queen of Soul and nails it. Juliana - Father sings in Arabic. She comes from a family of musicians. She has a beautiful voice. I was bothered by the deep breaths that she kept taking. It distracted from her performance for me...but overall I think the beautiful almost innocent quality to her voice puts her through. Nikki called it a "signature sound". Mariah called it "Celestial". Jett - Only girl in the world. I get where she was trying to go wwith this, but I didn't love the arrangement. I think she has a great voice, but the arrangement didn't give her the chance to really show it off. I'm zfraid that she is likely to get lost in the mix tonight. Cristabel - God spoke to her on a plane and told her that she deserves to me in the top 40. Her story made her come across a little freaky. She is a worship that makes sense. She's playing the Jesus card. Onto the performance. I thought she brought some nice energy to her performance, the voice isn't up to the level of many of the others though. Randy gives her the standing O. Aubrey Cleland - Wow...she looks stunningly beautiful. She seems so very controlled of the song. Taking it exactly where she wants each step. I thought this was an awesome performance. Once again...I agree with Nikki completely. Rachel Hale - She's got great country potential. I like that she took it uptempo and I liked the energy that she brought along with it. I didn't think it was the best song to show off her voice, but I do like the mid-alto tone to her voice and think that she has a lot of potential in the competition. what is it with the Prayer stuff? I'm not anti-religion, but it has a time and place and I hate it when it infiltrates into idol. Its almost like they want to use AI to proselytze and I know that it sells with Southern voters and some other voters...but it turns me off. Breeana - I liked her stage presence. She had a nice attitude which helped sell the song. Nice look and I like the jazzy tone to her voice. She brought the entire package tonight. Janelle - The second of the Country divas and I think that Janelle definitely topped Rachel tonight. I'm a little surprised that the judges kinda trashed her. I thought she could have sold that record easily in the country market. Zoanette Johnson - Sings the Lion King -Great theatrical performance, but I don't know that it positioned her as someone who is marketable. It definitely showed off her talents though. Gets a standing O from everyone except Mariah. Keith calls her the "Queen of the Jungle". Rankings Candice Glover Aubrey Julianna Breeana Zoanette Janelle Rachel Hale Cristabel Jett Melinda Ademi Based on Judges comments Definitely in: Candice, Aubrey Probably in: Julianna, Breeane, Zoanette Cusp: Cristabel Probably out: Janelle, Rachel Definitely out: Jett, Melinda It is going to be interesting to see where the judges go tonight? Are they going to eliminate BOTH of the country Divas? They loved Cristabel, but did Zoanette just knock her out of the competition? Was Zoanette's performance enough to get her through or was it too broadway/theatrical. There are only two definite outs...after that, its anybody's game. First up...Zoanette. She's through. Melinda is out. Julianna I had her as 3rd best tonight, the judges say no. The first disagreement which I suspect puts Cristabel in. Aubrey is in... Nikki did a great psyche out. Cristabel - is out. I wouldn't have put her through either. I think this means one of the country divas makes it in....I didn't think that AI had the backbone to cut both of them. Candice is in. Jett is out. I bet they do Breeana next so leave the country diva drama battle for the last spot. Yep....and I have to say that it was great classic AI drama. I would give it to Janelle but I bet the judges give it to Rachel...I'm right and wrong...the judges go with Janelle....

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