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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hollywood...cutting it to 28

Tonight is guy solo night. and Ryan tells us "Prepare yourself for the most shocking eliminations yet". First up Paul Jolley - He sounds great. For some reason I am thinking 80's by his sound..not sure why. Nikki told him that he walked out defeated and it completely irritated her. She is absolutely right in her criticism. Lazaro up next - he doesn't sound as good as we've heard him before. Curtis Vince - he's got a good voice but his mannerisms bug me. He is waaaaay to dramatic and animated. Its so "Telethon". They are all through to the next round. We don't get to see the give who are cut Deven Velez - He sounds good...too many runs for my taste. Gupreet - good.... Cortez Shaw - Sounded really good. Matheus Fernandez - does Kelly Clarkson Stronger but he starts out in key too low for him. That was a mess for me. Nikki once again was right in her criticism. He doesn't need to milk his height in every setting. Devin, Gupreet, Adam and Cortez are through. Mattheus is cut. Nicholas Mathias -sounds completely off key. Papa Peaches - Horrible Jimmy Smith - Not good either Nicholas and Peaches are cut....Johnny Keyser and Vincent Powell make it through. Nick Boddington - Cut in Vegas last year. I remember the name...I don't remember him though. He sounds pretty good. I'm not jumping up and down, but he should make it through this round. Charlie Askew - Aspergers boy. He's just average. Not good enough to continue on in the competition. The judges seemed to like him...I'm confused. Nick, JDA, Matheny and Charlie all go through. Couldn't tell again who got cut. Burnell Taylor - Doesn't sound good enough until the tempo picks up, Marvin Calderon - sounded ok...both through Michah Johnson - Does a Randy Travis song. He sounds great....but they send him I'm not really sure where that one came from. Gone...Dave Brown the baker, Sonny from San Antonia and Nick the sign language guy. Now the big twist....8 more guys still have to go to get it down to 20. Wow...that was anti-climatic.


DrL/K said...

Hey, we're back! We are getting ready to watch the backlog of Idol and post comments on the ones from this week. So glad you have been posting, we knew if we read your analysis we would feel like we got the gist of the shows without having to watch them LOL :)

Rubbertoe said...

So Glad that you are back....just in time for it getting good.
I have to take a look at the top 40 and make predictions!