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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re-Ranking 2013 top 10 girls its funny how Idol can change week to week. I went back and forth constantly between Janelle and Rachel. I remember calling Rachel a shoo-in for the top 12 overall after her audition and now she is gone...along with Isabelle and Brittany Hotard or whatever her name was...and some new favorites for me emerged in the sudden death rounds...namely Amber and Aubrey. So lets make a prediction by ranking the top 12 girls for season. 10. Teena - Man this girl didn't belong in the top 40, let alone the top 10. I don't understand how you continually gets by the judges. Last week was a farce that much much much better contestants were elminated and she was put through. Her journey has gone on longer than it should have and ends next week. 9. Adrianna - She has a good voice, but I think she gets lost in the mix and unfortunately for her there are better performers out there. 8. Zoanette - She is freaky crazy...which along with an incredible voice might take her further. AI may want to keep her on for the spectacle of it all, but my guess is that since she doesn't fit the Idol model she likely won't make it much further...and if she does, Idol voters are not going to back her. 7. Janelle - She suffers from a couple things, first - inconsistency. When she is good she is REALLY good, but then she'll come out with an "EH"...performance. The Country mode might keep her around, but I think ultimately there are better ones out there. 6. Breeana - I loved her attitude last night and think that in another year she might make the top 5 girls. I'm not sure if Idol is going to do a top 6 boys/girls or top 12 all around. Either way I think she is in. 5. Angela - She was lost in the mix until her original piano piece in Hollywood. She suddenly zoomed to the top in the Judges eyes. Personally, I probably would not have ranked her as high as I did, but I think the Judges will 4. Aubrey - She was stunningly gorgeous last night and put on a very controlled and subtle performance. I think she has a lot of potential, the question will be whether she has the versatility to excel. 3. Amber - Again, I would rank her higher, but I think that AI is really pushing a Kree/Candice finale. They have been MEGA-pimping those two and I think that Amber loses out because she doesn't get the same spotlight. She is my #1 favorite at this point 2. Candice- Great voice and Mega-pimping propel her into the top 2 girls. However, I think she loses out to Kree because Kree is an easier marketer for AI. 1. Kree - She has gotten more hype than any other girl so far. She has a great voice as well. I don't think she is the best one out there, but I think she fits the Mode...she is easy to package and market and I think that she will appeal to many of the typical AI voters.

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