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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What happens in Vegas....determines whether you stay in Vegas!

OK...first ever Sudden death rounds. First 10 women of the top 40 and half will go home tonight. Ryan tells us...get ready for the most brutal cuts ever. More women pimping by Ryan First up - Beth Willis. Don't remember ever seeing her. Oooooo the song is really pitchy and she seems to lack complete energy. Nikki was right in her critique, the audience was feeling more energy than she was. First one up and first one out. Teena Torres - Sang a very slow really went nowhere for me and she seemed to be forcing the emotion. Pretty voice though. Randy was way over the top in his admiration. "This is what becoming the next AI is really about"....seriously Randy. Adrianna Antonio - First top contestant from Alaska. She look gorgeous...absolutely stunning. Gets a standing O from the guys. Keith "Now the night has started Randy". I agree. This one showed honest true and unforced emotion. Brandy Hotart - Psych nurse from Louisiana. I Love her look. She is very very pretty too. I loved how you brought power to the ballad. I don't think her voice was as good as Adrianna. Judges rip her for emotional inconsistency. I guess I didn't pay attention to the lyrics so it didn't register with me. I thought she was good..but sounds like she is in trouble based on the judges Shuba Vidula - Man...another slow ballad. What is up? First one on the piano. Oh....this is Lady she's bringing it up tempo. Weird rendition of song. Not sure that I love the outfit and she seems a bit overly hyper. I want to see her hang on...but this performance was just weird....very strange. The judges describe it as very confusing. I agree. But she's safe. Kamaria Ousley - Wow...she looks very well put together. But is really really really pitchy. First half of the song seemed about a full step off key. She pulled it together near the end...but too little too late. That was a mess. Once again...I agree with Nikki (this is getting scary) Kree Harrison - Has been the recipient of extreme Idol Pimpage so far. Another slow ballad. Hate the outfit. She looks like she is wearing a maternity top. She can definitely sing though. I would say best vocal performance of the night so far. She gets a standing O from Nikki and Keith. Nikki is funny...."You make love to the song...there is something very sexy about you". I kinda get where she is coming from. Angela Miller - I didn't remember her, but I do now remember that she was the one that the judges loved on the piano last week with her original song. Another slow ballad. Love the outfit/ works for her. She is good. She is good. I definitely see potential in her. Second best of the night. Isabelle -She's a big girl..but beautiful. God Bless the many times have we heard this on Idol. She's got a really nice soulful bluesy voice combined with a power ballad touch...I thought it was really good. I would definitely put her through. Amber Holcomb - Got cut in Vegas last year. She's cut a great smile and a cute personality. Loved the look except for the blue shoes...what was up with that? Love the Jazzy Funny Valentine. Man...she's making this tough. I would say one of the top 3 vocal performances of the night. I would even rank her a very close second to Kree. I just became a HUGE Amber fan tonight. Ranking them tonight: Kree Harrison Amber Holcomb Angela Miller Isabelle Adrianna Antonio Brandy Hotart Shuba Vidula Teena Torres Beth Willis Kamaria Ousley Who's safe: Amber Holcomb, Andrianna Antonio, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Isabelle, On the cusp....Shuba Vidula...I wouldn't put her here but the judges liked her. Will she steal a spot that belongs to one of the others? If she does, it will be from Isabelle. Lets see what the judges do......... So far no surprises Beth and Brandy are out...until Tenna Torres...WHAT? Seriously...I wonder who's spot she stole. No surprise that Kree is through to the next round. Isabelle looks like she knows that Tenna stole her spot and she is right. Seriously Isabelle is out and Tenna is in...that is ridiculous.

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