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Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Top 10 Revealed

First one into the top 10: Paul Jolley - Seriously? Seriously? I'm wondering who's place he stole..and when he sings his "victory" song and most of it is off-key/flat it reminds us all that he doesn't deserve a spot in the top 10. Wow...Mariah is completely boobalicious gorgeous tonight! Next through - Burnell Taylor - Someone who actually deserves to be here and someone that I'm hoping to hear a lot from in the coming weeks. (Was Curtis Finch excited for Burnell....or did he think that they were calling his name? I'm not really sure...I thought it was a weird reaction from him). 3rd guy through - Curtis Finch. No surprise, but I don't think he will last for long. People are going to get tired of him very fast. Wow...only two left and Lazaro and Deven have got to be the final two. Why do I have the scary feeling that the 5th one through is going to be Charlie Askew? I just have a splitting feeling. 4th - Deven Velez. Yeah. I was feeling a little worried when Paul made it through. I'm so happy for Deven and can't wait to hear more from him. I think he is one of two of the guys who have some real potential. Final guy through: Lazaro. I'm glad for him. I think that America got it basically right for once. The one exception was Paul...but it wasn't a huge gaffe...I think any of the bottom 6 except for Charlie could have been that spot. Ranking the top 5 guys: 5. Paul 4. Lazaro 3. Curtis 2. Deven 1. Burnell Onto the Girls: First Girl though - Janelle Arthur. Of Course there would have to be a country girl through...although I don't think she deserved a shot in the top 5. Who's spot did she take Aubrey or Angela's? Second in - Candice Glover - No surprise here. Third girl in - Angela Miller. One of the judge's favorites, although I haven't quite gotten her. Apparently neither do Nikki and Mariah as they don't give her the standing O that they gave the others. That means two spots is definitely Kree...and it has to be Amber. Fourth - Amber is through. I'm so happy. She is my current #1 favorite. Fifth - Every girl back there has to know its Kree. Is this going to be the big AI psyche out of the night before they put her through as a wild-card? psych out here. surprises again except a small one with Janelle stealing Aubrey's spot. So No wildcards per se.....just a spot of the tour, which is kinda weird.... I have to say that I really liked the way the revealed the top 10. It created a lot of good tension and I loved watching them as they were revealed and walked out to the thunderous applause. I actually think that this group is pretty good. I have high hopes for a good season. America got it right and there isn't anyone in the top 10 that I find extremely annoying...with perhaps the exception of Curtis...but even he is ok because at least he can sing. Ranking the Girls: 5. Angela 4. Janelle 3. Amber 2. Kree. 1. Candice

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