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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Motown quickie I had a work function last night and so I just got done watching the show. The results have aired but I haven't seen them. I'm going to post a quick short review of last nights Motown show. Best of the night - Kree and Amber Close Third - Janelle, I loved her take on the song 4. Devin - His voice is flawless. I didn't love the falsettos although Nikki did. 5. Burnell - I LOVE him more and more every week. His mannerisms are a little distracting but I LOVE his voice 6. Candice - Good vocals but came off a bit old fashioned for me 7. Angela - She was out of her element and it showed 8. Lazaro - Better than last week, but still by far the worst America's bottom 3: Angela, Devin and Burnell Going Home: Devin (unfortunately), but I predict the judges will save him. Now....I'm going to watch the results and read Dr L and K's review!!!

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