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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rubbertoe's top 10 rankings now its time to rank the top 10 10. Paul - The least talented and most blaise of the group. He isn't going to last past the first or second week 9. Burnell - Man...I hate to put Burnell this low because I really like him and hope that he goes substantially further. The problem that I see for him is that America isn't going to embrace him above the others here. Especially with AI pimping it the season of girls. I hope I am wrong here. I would love to see him go quite a bit further 8. Lazaro - He can sing pretty well, but is limited in his library and his charisma. He has a great story, but that can only take him so far. 7. Janelle - She has the country voting bloc and that could propel her further, but I think she doesn't get past the better competition 6. Curtis - He will have the bible belt vote that has proven strong in years past. However, his one note performance is going to do him in. He sings one song, in the same way that Phil Phillips does, but this year it isn't going to work in the same way 5. Angela - The judges love her and are going to push her into the top 5. After that...the competition is just too strong for her to go further 4. Deven - He has his voting bloc to himself and he is talented. There hasn't really been a strong latin guy on the show that I can think of. I think Deven is the top ranking guy 3. Amber - While I'm hoping that she'll go further. I think ultimately its going to come down to a Bree/Candice finale. Although it could be Amber/Bree 2. Candice - She probably has the best voice in the competition...but she looks substantially more mature than many of the others and I think that is going to hurt her. It could keep her out of the top 2. 1. Kree - She is the early choice of AI. They have been mega-pimping her since day 1. I don't think that she is the best voice or even the most marketable, but apparently AI sees something in her...and she is talented...I'm just not sure that she is the best one out there. I just think that AI thinks she is either the best one of the one that they can sell. So there we go. My predictions have been pretty good this year.....not so much in the last couple of years top hopefully I'm wrong about a few of these! Rubbertoe....out!

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