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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 10 women...its a three way race

A lot of Idol pimping the ladies. They are so shameless. Do they really believe that anyone actually believes that this year is not completely rigged to a woman winning? Does anyone believe for a second that they haven't stacked the deck with 10 of the worst top ten guys in the history of AI. Do they think we are stupid? Zoanette Johnson - What's love got to do with it. Absolutely horrendous. She was flat the entire song...she dressed like she was working the boulevard. Breanna - One of my two new favorite women. She looks stunningly gorgeous, but this song is just weird. I don't know why she would choose a song like that. I thought that she sang it beautifully in the second half but it was just such a boring song. Keith called it a perfect song choice? Wh-Wh-What? Nikki got it right. 100%. If people based it on this performance and not last week...she would be in danger of going home. Aubrey - All legs and she looks beautiful. I didn't think it was one of her best, but it was still pretty good. Teena Torres - I'm not a fan, but I thought she redeemed herself tonight. She definitely brought the power to the ballad here. Janelle - Love the throwback country to her. I didn't think it was outstanding...but enough to appeal to the voting bloc and enough to propel her through Angela - Back at the piano. The judges loved it. I felt that she screamed the entire song. Written by Colton Dixon from last year...I thought it was an swful song. Amber - My new #1 favorite. I loved her vocal tonight. Her range, her runs...her falsetto, her power and even her touch of tenderness. Standing O from the Judges....YESSSS! Kree - She has a very polished sound to her voice and her performance. The fact that she doesn't dress like she takes it serious I think might hurt her at some point. She comes across like she just got up out of the audience and didn't put any effort into her persona. Nikki just called her, "her wife"? LOL....I gotta love Nikki's comments. Adriana Latonio - Pretty blaise performance. I don't think she did anything to make herself stand out tonight. She is going to be heading back to Alaska very soon. Candice Glover - Gets the pimp spot tonight. Kinda fitting because she's gotten probably the most pimpage of all this season...except maybe Kree. I do like the Jazzy tone to her voice....and she definitely has the DIVA power. I am glad that we will get to see a lot more of her in the coming weeks. Randy throws out the "We'd better talk to the producers because we might need a wildcard" Really that couldn't have been more scripted. Did you really think that we didn't already know that there were going to be wildcards? Ranking the women tonight: Candice Amber Kree Janelle Aubrey Teena Breanna Angela Adriana Zonette How will America Vote? Definitely OUT - Zoanette, Adriana Definitely IN - Amber, Kree , Candice. Probably out - Janelle, Breeana, Teena Probably in - Aubrey, Angela I suspect Breeana and Janelle get the two wildcard spots. At this point it is a three-way race...bewtween Amber, Kree and Candice. Everyone else might as well give up now.


DrL/K said...

I think we are on the same page with most of these girls. So funny that we have not seen who got pimped thus far, so we have no idea who Idol is trying to shove down our throats. I shudder to hear the guys tomorrow after what you said about them stacking the deck with some suck-tacular singers. We'll see (or hear - arg) it ourselves tomorrow LOL.

Rubbertoe said...

Oh...just wait. The guys that they put through would never have been put through on previous years. It is soooooo obviously that they made sure that there were no guys that would win it this year. There are about 2 guys I would rate a 7....a couple that might get a 5 and the rest are just filler. It should make for an interesting night.