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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ladies Top Ten -- looked like Prom Night

Vegas! The Mirage has a fun show out front every hour or so, like a lava flow, if I recall. Never stayed there, though.

1. Zoanette -- seems like the crowd liked her (or at least cursed and booed when the judges said negative things) but we thought she sucked big time. Wow -- shrieky, off-key, and her look was god-awful. It's the kiss of death spot, so producers must want her to go. BTW, what a load of crap from the judges -- have they been this way all along this season? 

2. Breanna -- much nicer voice than Z, nice song choice. Nice look. Voice a little shaky in spots, but mercifully on-key most of it. She should go through, right? Some tough love from the judges -- I can see what they were saying. It would be a shame if she didn't make it thru on a 70% performance.

3. Aubrey -- she LOOKS like a star. The vocal, though is just aiight. These songs with the warbly near-acapella openings almost never get pulled off on Idol. It sounds kind of weak all throughout. Probably nerves. They probably want her to go thru, because they all are making comments about her and not the song.

BTW -- is Ryan shrinking? Not just height -- it reminded me of that old movie Food Of The Gods, where animals on an island ate some toxic waste or something and grew huge. One giant mosquito sucked the life out of a guy, and Ryan is looking like he had an experience like that. Maybe all these jobs are killing him LOL. And his hair is verging on jokey with that psuedo-pompadour. 

4. Janelle -- I like this song. Elvis did a great version. Probably a good choice for her. Her voice has a nice tone. Sounds like she was running out of air towards the end though. Dr. L said she didn't sound like she had the power the song needed. She pulled out a good ending, but still. 
Judges liked her -- in a marshmallow way, but this is where the votes can crush dreams. Will the new voting apps etc. negate the tween brigade of death for some of the singers?

5. Tenna -- A warbly start, picked up at the chorus, then descended into warbly chaos again. Tries to erase it with big notes, but it was kind of weird. And what's up with that dress? It was kind of a discordant clash of colors, and those earrings were fug. Nicki is making some funny bizarre comments -- maybe Idol needs her, the way it needed wacky Steven Tyler. Randy is, once again, worthless. I must not be hearing what they are, because most of these girls were bad-to-mediocre thus far.

6. Angie -- she has that freaky face structure like Miley Cyrus, and it threw me off a little. But her voice is pleasant, if a little lacking in oomph. I could hear her on the radio, though. She's one of the best of the night so far. She looked great, and Dr. L liked her shoes. The judges definitely want her to go thru. Will America? 

7. Amber -- nice voice, good power, good range, great control. Is she a plant? I saw the video where the mom punched Ryan -- was that from last year? I don't know what they were talking about confidence, she was bordering on cocky she was so sure of herself. Great song for her, even though Whitney, Mariah etc are usually KOD. 1st In It TO WIn It from Dawg, so she's def one of Nigel's faves. MC gave her the OMG 18 shout out!

8. Kree -- kind of a sleepy song, that came alive in the end. Great voice, another country songstress. Crowd loved her, Nicki does too. 2nd IITWI from Dawg, so she must be one of Nigel's girls too. Dr. L said it looks like they really want a girl to win this year, and preferably a girl of color, but maybe Kree will go a little further. 

BTW, whenever Nicki speaks, I have to turn down the volume -- I hope they get a handle on her levels this year LOL.

9. Adrianna -- She looks nice. The key is too low for her -- I guess it was to give her somewhere to go in the meat of the song. But she kind of blew it out at the end -- it's like she would be better if she cut the beginning and end off. Nicki made a face as it ended! Keith eased in with a negative, and Nicki made the unprecedented step of voting her off herself! I couldn't believe it. Randy throws her under the bus too. Mariah throws a softball. She's probably gone.

10. Candice -- crowd favorite. In the pimp spot. The only soulful singer I heard all night. I can hear this song on the radio already -- she's great. She's my fave of the night -- I could buy her album right now. Judges love her -- Nicki is just over the Idol gig already LOL. But if America doesn't keep Candice in, then something's  way wrong. 

Dr. L & K glad to be back!

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Rubbertoe said...

Hey DL and K....enjoyed reading your take on things. I'm curious who your faves are.