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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Idols sing the Idols

Curtis Finch - takes of Fantasia, I believe. It was a smart song choice for him, right in his element. However, I found it to pale horribly to Fantasia's version and at times it sounded like he was talking it rather than singing it. Also waaaaay too many runs. Janelle - Scotty McCreery "gone" , Another great song choice. She looks great tonight as well. Deven - "Temporary Home" Carrie Underwood. Hmmmm....not sure about this one. He's got an awesome voice....but I'm not sure that this song was great for him. It didn't really give him a chace to showcase who he is. Angela - "I Surrender" Celine Dion who Kelly Clarkson performed - Wow. Her makeover is perfect. She looks incredible. She worked the stage and camera like a pro. Absolutely in it to win it. Paul - also takes on Scotty McCreery - "Amazed". Jimmy told him not to oversing it. I think he went the opposite the song overpowered him. I felt he got swallowed up by the song...and it showed why he probably shouldn't be in the top 10. Candice - "I have nothing". Wow...Jordin slayed this song in season 6. It will be interesting to see what Candice does. For me...this is classic Shirley Bassey, but I liked Jordin...lets see what Candice does. Her voice was I incredible, although I felt it lacked the emotion that is such an important part of that song. It was great...but not an idol moment like it was for Jordin. BTW...I love the Afro Violin Boy. I hope to see more of HIM!!! Lazaro - Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson. The first part of the song felt like it was below his register. Until it broke into the chorus. He didn't look confident though. I like the retro kind of look they gave him, but the pants make him look fat. Kree - "Crying" Roy Orbison. Carrie performed this song. I ALWAYS equate this haunting melody with David Lynch - Muholland Drive. Barebones understated performance here. I thought it was great to showcase her voice, but didn't do her any favors to put her in the same league tonight with Candice and Angela. Burnell - "Flying without wings". Ruben. He is looking too cute for words tonight. I'm not sure the song did him justice. I was a little underwhelmed and felt that he didn't do himself justice to position himself as a strong contender. BTW...he must be really short, because he is a good 2-3 inches shorter than Ryan. Amber - "A Moment like this" Kelly Clarkson. Its hard not to compare her version to Kelly's. She has a beautiful voice though and I felt that the quality of her voice definitely came through on this song. One of the criticisms I've read about her is that she comes across kind of arrogant/cocky...I could actually see that tonight. Ranking them tonight: Candice Angela Amber Kree Burnell Devin Janelle Curtis Paul Lazaro I think America will vote a little differently. I suspect that Lazaro will be safe and won't even be in the bottom 3 although I have him dead last. I also don't think Janelle will be in the bottom 3, although I would place her there if Lazaro is not there. America's bottom 3 will be Paul, Curtis and Devin. This one is tough. Burnell could be there as well. I hope that it is Curtis that goes home and not Devin, but I'm afraid that those Southern voters might put Curtis through. However, I'm going with my heart and saying Curtis goes home.

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