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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Guys Part 2 - Vegas Bust

First up Mathanee...and it wasn't good. He's a goner for sure. A little less conversation a little more action. Mariah says that she didn't know the song....Are you serious Mariah....serious. How can you honestly not know that song....DOH! Gurpreet - the Turbinator. I wasn't sure that anyone would be worse than Mathanee tonight...but Gurpreet came out and made Mathanee sound good. Another goner. Completely boring performance that didn't stand out at all. Vincent Powell...another "Worship leader". What is it with Idol and all these worship leaders? Wow...three up and three really horrible performances. He's better than the other two but still not good. What are these people thinking. They are certainly making it easy for the second half. What....standing o's from everyone except Nikki? THAT was not worthy of a standing O. Randy is OVER THE TOP. THAt is soooo not good but for some reason the judges loved it. Nick Boddington - This years Phil Stacey. 4Th Horrible performance of the night. Completely boring and I can't stand his voice....Big NO from me.p Josh - Nice use of the falsetto in his performance....but the rest of the performance didn't do a whole lot for me. Better than the first 4 though by a mile. Performed an original that he wrote in 9 hours during Hollywood Week. I thought it was a little self-promoting and kiss ass when he starting talking about the importance of the "work ethic" in this industry. It came across not very genuine. David Willis - ANOTHER worship leader......Fever. I Like the arrangement and him on the guitar. Bryant - From Hawaii. Now THAT is how you do a Billy Joel opposed to the horrible "Movin Out" that Phil Phillips did last year. I was lomda bugged by all his hand gestures while singing. He has a beautiful voice though. Burnell - got an urkele make-over...and lost 40 pounds....lost everything in Katrina. More strange hand gestures...but I really like his voice...and he seems extremely comfortable. I agree with of the night by far. Also agree with Keith, very original. Lazaro -He needs to stop the suspender look if he goes on. Song is way below his register and the first half of the song were really awkward and weird. But when it went up tempo he did much better. Cortez - Very good looking guy. I want him to stick around just for that. Excellent upper range...but I felt at times he was almost overshadowed by the backup singers. Rankings: Burnell Cortez Bryant David Lazaro Josh Vincent Mathanee Nick Gurpreet All in all an extremely weak night from the guys....aside from a couple people it could be anyone's game, mainly because most we so bad. I suspect that the judges will put Vincent through, although he was #7 from me tonight. Also I kind of expect them to put Nick through due to all the pimping he has gotten..and there has to be a Phil Stacey to irate me for a few weeks. If they get through, they get through at the expense of Lazaro and David. David is first up and first cut. Bryant is up next and out as well. As suspected the judges put Vincent through. Mathanee is out, but Lazaro is in. Cortez is in...YES!...Josh is out. Of course Burnell is in...and as I suspected, it has to be Nick. My bottom 2 and I of them goes on? Nick lives on to torment me for at least another week.

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