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Monday, May 25, 2009

American Idol 8: Some Post Finale Ramblings

So, what a very strange season of American Idol. I'm tickled by the result. I've liked Kris from day one. So, for me, and the type of music I like, I think America made a good decision. That being said, I'm a bit stunned that it all came down this way. Never, and I mean NEVER, in the history of American Idol has such blatant PIMPING of contestants occured. Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey were consistently given the pimp spot and were judged by different standards than all of the other contestants. Despite pounding into the audiences' head week after week that this should be the finale . . . America rebelled. . . America rebelled big time . . . the result being that Gokey went in the Final Three and Lambert was knocked out in the finals. In turn, the Idol machine has rebelled by not telling us, for the first time in Idol history, the difference in the vote totals . . . we've always gotten percentages or raw numbers . . . but, this year, we gots nothing. Reports are floating around . . . one specific story from Billy Bush at Access Hollywood, that the voting wasn't close . . . in essence, that Kris blew Adam away. When you think about it, that's not too difficult a scenario to imagine . . . mainstream vs. outlier . . . I do, however, continue to be puzzled by the Idol Machine's unwillingness to discuss the numbers. Are they so stubborn and so pissed off that one of their two chosen horses didn't win that they're not going to effectively promote the contestant that America wanted?

I'm going to try and post articles that I can find that deal with this topic . . . and, like last year, will keep updating the blog as often as possible with pertinent Idol stories . . .

P.S. I found Simon Cowell's reaction to Kris Allen's win was completely distasteful and tacky. That boy worked just as hard as Adam Lambert, and for Simon to remain seated and not applaud was complete bullshit.

That's all :)

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