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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Kris will wear the Idol crown I went to a function on Tuesday and haven't been able to catch up. I will say that I agreed completely with J's post as well as L/K.
I would have ranked them Kris2,Adam1,Adam2,Kris2,Danny2, Danny1, and I would have thought America would send Kris home with the possibility that Adam would go home. NEVER saw Gokey going home...but America got it right!

Now my quick analysis of why Kris will win Season 8.

Only 1 million votes out of 88 million seperated Kris and Adam.
Who will Danny's votes go to? I doubt many will go to Adam. Adam/Danny voters have been pretty much in their seperate camps since midseason. Look for Kris to pick up the majority of those votes.
Who NEEDS to win? Obviously Kris. Kris won't go anywhere without the Idol label.
Who benefits most by "losing" - Adam. Adam is going to be a star regardless and maybe in a Daughtery way, not having the "winner" status will be better for him.
Who can the Idol machinery mold more? Kris. They can take Kris, punch him through the Idol machinery...give him a new look and new stage presence and mold him like clay.....(Aiken).

When the winner is announced....I for one won't be shocked when we hear - Kris

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J said...

I love when we are on the same page. Allison and I had this SAME CONVERSATION on Thursday. . . almost word for word. I completely agree with your analysis. I for one wouldn't be surprised if Kris was the top vote getter in the top three and not Adam. In listening to people talk about this year's Idol, it is very obvious that Adam is a polarizing figure. People either LOVE him or they HATE him. There seems to be no in between. Kris on the otherhand seems to have been gaining steam each and every week. All in all, I completely agree with you . . . unless something drastic happens . . . I, as well, think that Kris will be crowned the winner on Wednesday.