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Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 3: The Spoilers for the Judge's Choice

Our first spoilers are trickling in thanks to our friends over at idolbloglive. The following songs have been spoiled for our three remaining Idols . . .

Danny Gokey - “Dance Little Sister” (Paula Picks)*
Kris Allen - “Apologize” (Randy Picks)
Adam Lambert - “One” (Simon Picks)

Now, I'm familiar with Kris' and Adam's picks and think they should blow these songs out of the water. However, I'm unfamiliar with Paula's pick for Gokey. I have read that it is a Terrance Trent D'arby song . . . I wonder if it will turn out to be a positive or a negative move to have him sing a less familiar song when the other two are singing VERY familiar songs. We'll see . . .


DrL/K said...

Here are more possible spoiler songs: "You are so Beautiful" (Joe Cocker)- the Gokey, and "Heartless" (Kanye West) sung by Kris. No word yet on additional Adam songs! Should be an interesting night! :)

J said...

If Mr. Allen is truly doing "heartless" then he is making his play for the final two. I know it's a long shot since the Idol machine wants the Glambert/Gokey final . . .but, if Kris can pull that off, he could make a strong statement for a trip to the finals.