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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Few Idol Ramblings

Sooooo, I felt the need to post before the results show. I've been scanning the web and it seems that the same sentiment is buzzing around as has been buzzing in my head. I can't seem to shake the feeling that we could be in for an Idol shocker tonight. Stranger things have happened . . . See: Tamyra Grey, Latoya London, and Chris Daughtry. As I thought about this today, a few things occured to me. First of all, Kris, Danny, and Adam all have proven that they have very strong voting bases. However, Allison was VERY strong in the final duet which I believe will keep her safe. Second, The Gokey was smacked in the middle of everything like Kris was . . . and Simon said that, "he should be safe". We know from Idol history that often times "you should be safe" and comments like it tend to make voting bases lazy. Third, the buzz around the net is that everyone is PISSED at the blatant throwing under the bus of Kris and Allison and the blatant pimping of Adam and Danny. All of these things work together to make an unstable voting situation. Therefore, I'm gonna put out a few different scenarios that could be shocking.

1. Allison and Danny in the bottom 2 and Kris and Adam safe. Before you go, "WTF" think about it. Allison has never had a strong voting base and it isn't out of the question that despite going last her peeps just won't come up with enough numbers to keep her safe. The Gokey was HORRIBLE last night, and that, along with his positioning in the line up, could result in this situation.

2. Kris and Danny in the bottom 2 with Danny going home. See the above commentary on Danny and mix that with Kris' very strong voting base. Barring last week's odd bottom 3 in a Top 5 situation, Kris, along with Danny, has always been safe.

3. Danny/Adam bottom 2 . . . granted, I think this is a very unlikely scenario, but could it be that Adam was actually in the bottom two last week because his voting base isn't as strong as we think it is? Just a question . . .

At the end of the day, it will probably be my Kris who hits the road, but what if . . . .

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