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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We want to Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day with Adam and Kris!

We're posting from the phone, watching on the 3" TV, and this is still one of the best Idol Finales ever!
Seriously, who could lose tonight? I think Kris will wear the crown, and after last night he proved it fits--but we've seen the meteoric rise of Adam as well, and he's still on his way up.
We have to keep posting, y'all, this blog is too much fun!
We'll check back in the next couple days--on the road to Rubbertoe's stomping ground.
-- L & K, last post from Austin


Rubbertoe said...

Hey!....what are you guys up to in Los Angeles?

DrL/K said...

Hey, we have moved here (to Long Beach, actually) so I can finish my MFA with an internship over the summer in LA and then Dr. L can start her new job at Cal State Long Beach in the fall. We will have to get together sometime so you can tell us about your Idol adventures. We would love to meet you after being blog pals all this time.

Rubbertoe said...

Oh wow....definitely. It would be fun to hook up with you guys and actually meet. I'm game for hoping on the blue line and heading for long beach one of these days.
Where are you working on your MFA?