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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Guyliner vs. the Guy next door

I loved Ryan's line last night....the guyliner vs. the guy next door. We're down to the dynamic duo.
So, my co-worker and friend Lisa scored us tickets to the rehersal yesterday...)thankfully I have a boss that is so understanding of the importance of all things American Idol).
So me and some co-workers left work and proceeded to the Nokia Theater Downtown LA.
Unfortunately for me, I followed the directions to the lot they told us to park in, but when I went to make the turn, it was blocked off my orange cones. Anyone who knows this area of Los Angeles understands that first of all, the area is under a lot of construction. They are still building the LA-Live entertainment district and hotel...not to mention that it was the first game of the NBA Western Conference Finals across the street at the Staples it was a madhouse...but certainly there was a lot of buzz and energy. I circled the block a couple of times and eventually found a lot to park in about a mile its 10 minutes before we are supposed to be I hoof it to the theater (and it seems like its about 100 degrees outside...and it probably is)...
Luckily for me, I find the rest of my group right off. The crowd is energetic...lots of "ADAM" signs in the crowd of young girls all "dolled" up in their outfits. FOX is out shamelessly promoting "GLEE" and people everywhere are wearing red GLEE baseball hats. "Idol Tonight", my second favorite TV show has set up their stage in the center of LA Live for the pre=show arrivals tomorrow night (Actually tonight now)...I'm looking around for Brandon, Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell but I don't see them. I do, however, see KAI in the line (you remember KAI...the cute guy that had the sick mother (cancer) who made it to the top 36)...he looked good. Later, I saw him in the theater and told him "I wish you had made it"...he smiled at me and responded "You and me both"!
So we get inside the theater (Beautiful theater by the way) and me and a co-worker are directed to the pit, while the rest of our crew are directed to seats, after a quick second thought, we decide to join them in the seats (the pit is fun, but it is a LOT of standing and we've been standing in line at this point for about 90 minutes).
Anyway, we get GREAT seats, third row just off to the center. They are doing sound checks and finishing the minor details in the lighting and staging.
A band is set up in the middle of the stage, don't know who it is until the stage manager lady tells us that they are going to pre-shoot Carrie Underwoods performance.
Now I realize what the "CU" on the drums stood for. The band is warming up and we hear some rifts of the goodbye song...we debate was it "Guns and Roses" or "Motley Crue" that did it originally? My co-worker sneaks into her purse and recovers her cell phone that we snuck was "Motley Crue". Funny sidenote- while in line outside, we are told that there are no cameras/cell phones allowed. Go put them in your car. Yeah right, like we are going to hoof it back to the Everyone in line is debating whether to go back to their cars. We decide to hide ours in her boots (steel toed boots???)...can we get away with it? One of my co-workers is extremely nervous about us getting through the metal detectors with the phones..."They are going to wand you...and the wands will find them!"....can I tell you, straight through the metal detectors, not even a flinch! much for that security!
Anyway...Ryan comes us...he's especially giddy and joking with everyone in the crowd.
OK...for the show.
Adam - Mad World (Better at the rehersal than live on TV)...watching him in silouhette (or however you spell it) with the blue lights and the fog...incredible. The guy has stage presence and charisma like no other. Even the "haters" cannot deny this. His rehersal performance was intense and incredible. He was more toned down in the actual show, didn't take as many "risks".
Kris - Better live than at rehersal. Round 1 at Rehersal....clearly ADAM....Round 1 live - Edge to Kris
Round 2 - Adam Live show much better than rehersal. We are all thinking...very bad song choice for him. Watching live, I thought he did an incredible job. Kris #2...rehersal 100% better than live performance. Watching him in the theater, we all said that this is going to be Kris' moment that pushes him over the, it didn't come off as good. Round 2 at Rehersal, CLEARLY CLEARLY Adam.
Round 3 - First...let me say, this is why they should let PROFESSIONALS write the finale song...after horrible song "winners" (DO I make you proud....this is my now)...we finally have a song worthy of the finale. The song was clearly written for Adam, and listening to Adam sing it in the rehersal, its a perfect fit for him.
We all say, there is no way that Kris can sing that song...and for the most part, we are right. Thankfully, they put it in a lower register for him and he does better than I expected, but still clearly not his song. Round 3 - definitely ADAM.

So the prediction: I stand on my previous prediction. Kris is be singing "No Boundaries" tonight under the confetti laced bright lights of the Nokia Theater...and it will be a "Should have been moment"...the song will be released on the radio and it will be a misfit song and we'll have to wait for Adam's first single.
If the competition were solely based on talent...Adam would be the clear winner. He is probably the most talented contestant in the history of AI...but AI is and has never been solely about is about making an Idol...and Kris fits that model perfectly.
If you haven't guessed, I am rooting for Adam. I voted about 50 times last night for him. But secretly, I kinda hoping for Kris to win. Like last year, either way, I won't be disappointed. I like them both. They both deserve a career...and ultimately, it is US that is the real winner in all of this.

Watching the montage of the season, I got teary-eyed, seeing our old friends, Norman...face-pierce boy, bikini girl....even Tatiana. And it once again drove home the reasons why we all love AI so much. It isn't just a TV show...we grow "close" to the personalities...we share in their hopes and dreams, we thrill for their triumphs and we share in their disappointments.
I had Kris leaving #13 - boy was I wrong there...but there is no escaping that we all have enjoyed vicariously, the dream of a mellow young guy from Arkansas...with no confidence of how good he can be...and we've grown as he has grown to become the next American Idol.

One final blog tomorrow......Rubbertoe.....out!

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