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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cryin' about the One Beautiful, Heartless, Dance Apology

A Quick Post from Dr. L & K --

Here's our rundown from last night's performance show, because both Dr. L and I have school functions to attend and will have to catch tonight's show on the DVR.

The 1st Round:

Gokey sounded like a cat in a blender. What happened to the cool style Terrence Trent D'Arby put into the song? Oh, that's right, Gokey hasn't got any. He looked like he was trying to blow his way into the finals with lung power.

Kris: the waste of space known as Kara did Kris no favors with this song. It wasn't bad by any stretch (see above) -- just plain forgettable. This is the point of the competition where you have to do more than be good.

Adam was great, on the brink of another "moment" with this song, but it kind of became too much at the end. Still, he easily mopped the floor with the other guys.

Our picks: Adam, Kris, ---------------- Gokey.

(any of you think the shots of Carrie Underwear doing the Looky! Idol Gives A Crap! photo ops were from last year? Sure looked like retread footage to us.)

The 2nd Round:

Chokey actually almost surprised us. I was all ready to hate the song but he started off restrained, and had almost pulled us in...when he BLEW OUR HEADS OFF with the screeching at the end. Totally killed it. Epic Fail.

Kris: I have to say I hate the Kanye song. But Kris did the impossible and actually made it sound good. My only problem with it was it sounded like the same old Jack Johnson Lite© performance he pulls out time and again. But I can't say this enough, it was 1000% better than the original.

Adam: not as strong on the 2nd song, but that was due to several factors. Idols commit this error all the time: they pick a rockin' song, then expect Ricky Minor and the band to sound as awesome as the original artists. Most of the time, they just do an "a-ight" job, but this was one where they fell short. Also, could the backup singers hear the music? The mix of all that, plus the weird arrangement, made the song sound off. I think Adam did still did pretty well though, considering.

Still for us, Adam, Kris, ---------------------- Gokey.

But America...

I have a feeling Gokey has those voters that believe God is on his side, if you know what I mean, and it doesn't matter that Kris cruised easily past him last night. Sadly, it seems more likely Adam will get voted off than Gokey at this point.

So, since life isn't fair, we say America will get it wrong, and vote Kris off.

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