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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Top Three: Will America Get It Right?

They have become heroes in their hometowns but who will garner the support of a nation.

These are you Top 3 . . . and THIS is AMERICAN Idol.

It looks like the order tonight will be as spoiled


I'm surprised they didn't put Kris first, but am not surprised that they put Adam last.

Say hello to the judges!

Cue the tapes of the screaming fans from the hometown visits . . .

Tonight they are performing 2 songs each . . . a judge's choice and a personal choice . . .

First up, Paula's choice for Danny Gokey . . . Paula has chosen "Dance Little Sister" by Terrance Trent D'Arby . . . Gokey didn't know it. It's a little obscure . . . let's see how it goes . . . we're going all screech all the time with this one . . . I'm having a difficult time with this one because he's screeching so much that it's hard to figure out whether he's actually in tune. He's definitely dynamic on the stage. I'm just not sure about the vocals . . Here come the judges to pimp him out . . . Randy thought it was dope. Kara thought the vocals were good, but the dancing was too much. Paula reminds us that she is a choreographer and thinks he did "real good". Simon thought the dancing was a bit desperate, and thought that vocally it was good.

Next up, Kris Allen with a song from Kara/Randy . . . Let's go south to Arkansas to see what they picked for him. . . they chose "Apologize" by One Republic . . . I'm quite hopeful for this song choice . . . He's playing the piano . . . with a little orchestral accompaniment . . . his voice sounds clear and clean as per usual . . . He stuck to the melody and made a few vocal adjustments . . . I'm quite pleased with Kris . . . Randy thinks that this is the kind of artist that he is. Kara thought it was a competent performance, but wishes he had interpreted it. Paula is used to him taking artistic license and thinks he had a bum note. Simon thinks its a cop out to blame him for doing the song that they chose. Simon thinks that Kara/Randy didn't follow through with their end of the deal.

Next up, Simon Cowell's choice for Adam Lambert . . . let's go to San Diego to see what his song choice is . . . He's chosen "One" by U2. Simon got permission from Bono for Adam to sing this song. Blue light special is back . . . He's slowed it down and toned his look down completely . . . my opinion is going to be unpopular here . . . the first half of this song was brilliant, but the second half was unnecessary . . . why did he feel the need to scream . . . and then the end was brilliant again . . . Randy thought he was in the zone, but that he went off the melody a bit. Kara thinks he is a strategist, and she thinks he changed everything (I'm not sure what she was listening to) Paula thought it was one brilliant song, one brilliant performance from one American Idol. Simon thought it was a brilliant song choice, and if he's not in the final it will be one of the biggest upsets.

After round one, I have them 1. Adam, 2. Kris, 3. Danny . . . I think that we still haven't seen one of them be spectacular yet . . . that being said, I think none of them were awful either . . . I think that Kris is gonna have to blow it away in round two to have a shot at knocking out the douchebaggery that is The Gokey . . .

Here comes an update from Carrie Underwood about Idol Gives Back . . .

Here comes the douchebaggery . . . I mean, The Gokey . . . He's singing, "You Are So Beautiful". . by Joe Cocker . . . I like the onstage arragnement of instrumentalists. . . I like the restrained tone of his voice, but I still don't love his tone. Oh and there is the SCREEEECH . . . The judges will eat this up and try and cement his spot in the final, and it was MUCH better than his first song . . . I just don't LOVE it. Randy thought he showed that he could really, really, really sing. Kara thought he did everything he didn't do in the first performance. Paula was left breathless. Simon loves the song, but wouldn't have done the arrangement, but thinks it was a vocal master class. Seriously, a vocal masterclass. PIMPAGE! PIMPAGE! PIMPAGE!

Ugh, this season of Idol has left me so jaded. I just can't take it anymore.

Here comes who should be in the finals, IMO, Kris Allen . . . he's singing "Heartless" by Kanye West. He thinks it's fun. Here's hoping . . . Now THAT'S HOW YOU REARRANGE A SONG . . . nice, nice, nice . . . I'm loving that re-do. LOVE IT. Randy thinks this is going to be a tough voting night. He likes his version better than the original. Kara thought it was bold, brave, and fearless. Paula thinks this is what keeps him relevant. Simon had written him out of the competition, that has all changed after that performance.

Here comes Adam to round out the night . . . again . . . He's doing "Cryin" by Aerosmith. There's already a problem . . . the girl doing the harmony is TOOOOO loud and is trying to outshout Adam. . . his vocals are solid as per usual. Adam is GREAT as he always is . . . but, this has not been his best night. The end note was verrrrrrrrrrrry good. Randy says he is one of the best we have ever had on this stage. He liked it better than the first. Kara wonders how he hits those notes and talks the next day. Paula thinks he has set the bar so high that he hopes he is collecting frequent flyer miles. Simon's not going to suck up as much as the other three. He thinks he deserves to be there, and that everyone should vote for him.

Here we go . . . in my humble opinion, the final should be Adam vs. Kris . . . but, I'm not ready to make America's choice just quite yet . . .

See you in a bit . . .

Here were my initial rankings

Kris Two
Adam One
Adam Two
Kris One
Danny Two
Danny One

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DrL/K said...

Rushing around as usual on a Wednesday here, but I had to comment on your take on the Gokey and 'You are so Beautiful'. I was ACTUALLY enjoying it and turned to K and said, wow - this looks like it will be pretty good...and then the Gokey breaks into his traditional screech! And totally blew it for me! LOL..they have been encouraging the strangest things on this show this year :)

I couldn't understand some of the Gokey lyrics on the D'arby tune - and I swear I thought he was saying something about 'gokey it up' in the chorus, or something crazy like that :) Did you and Ttown Idol Fan hear it? I didn't get to re-watch yet.

It would be a shocker to see an Adam/Kris final! And, I think could be a good thing to shake it up a bit.