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Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Boundaries!

So...we have a new American Idol - Kris Allen. Congrats to Kris. What a great season this was. Kris is definitely the icon-American Idol. He rose from the pack and grew every week. Looking back, he definitely had some of the best moments of the season - from Falling Slowly to Kayne West, he won over the masses with his simplistic charm. The young man that Simon said had no personality came to find one. Seeing his audition last night to where he is today was everything that American Idol is.
At the same time, Adam Lambert is probably the most talented person to ever appear on American Idol. There has never been a contestant with the same amount of talent and charisma. But when it comes right down to it, talent and charisma are really not what American Idol is about. Certainly, it plays a key role, but if talent and charisma were it, Melinda, Daughtrey and Lambert would have easily taken the crown. American Idol is about talent and charisma but also about growth and hopes and dreams. America doesn't necessarily want to vote for the "Best" person, they want to vote for the person that they can share the journey with and this year Kris Allen fit the bill. I'm anxious to see what AI will do for Kris and I hope that his dreams come true.

So...we come to the end of another season and 7 long months of withdrawl (luckily this year we have GLEE in the fall which will dull the pain).

In closing I just want to give you my top 5 moments of the finale:

#5 - The return of Norman. He was absolutely hilarious last night. I couldn't stand him at first, but he grew on me. SNL or somebody else needs to snatch him up.

#4 - Adam and Kris duet with Queen - it was a perfect staging of why Kris needed to win this year and Adam didn't.

#3 - Allison and Cyndi Lauper - Man...Cyndi is looking old and little freak. But the Time after Time duet was fabulous.

#2 - Adam and Kiss - Amazing

#1 - Kara and Bikini Girl - Best moment of the night. Never saw it coming...and I have to give Kara her props for having the guts to do it...not to mention that she sounded absolutely terrific. Kara showed "NO BOUNDARIES".....

So....everyone....have a great summer and lets meet again in January for Season 9!!!


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