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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey Top 4 Rock-n-Roll . . . Rock On . . . ooooooh I said . . .


Alright folks, we’re down to the Final Four . . . Danny, Allison, Kris, and Adam. Tonight, they are taking direction from mentor, Slash and singing “Rock” songs. In yet another Idol twist, the foursome will sing individually in the first round, and then, sing duets for the second round. That second round could be hot or a hot mess . . . we’ll see.

We had an accident on the set which prevented a complete rehearsal.

Here are the judges! It’s a big week, yo! Paula’s gotta new single.

WHAT THE FRACK IS LAMBERT wearing? I feel like I say that every week. But what in the name of Alice Cooper has gotten into that boy?

Anyhoo, here is the Slash retrospective.

Here we go . . .

1. Adam Lambert - He’s singing “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zepplin. This is Adam’s favorite
of all the theme weeks. It’s like glam rock exploded. Vocals were brilliant . . . absolutely brilliant. As per usual, he was WAY over the top, but that’s Adam. He was the essence of Adam . . . very, very good. Randy thinks he IS a rock star. Kara thinks he is a ROCK GOD! Paula thinks he is a whole lotta perfect. Simon thought it could be a disaster, but it was one of his favorite performances from Adam.

2. Allison – She’s singing “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin. I think she looks really cute tonight. Allison went with Adam to his “hair girl” to get her hair done. She’s great when she hits the high notes, but she struggles a bit, as Paula would say, in her lower register. I gotta say that was not as good as it should have been. Randy didn’t love it. Kara thinks that Janis was the right artist to choose, but thought she was nervous. Paula thinks she is fearless. Simon thought it was a terrific vocal, but didn’t see much originality. Allison talks back this time . . . but it comes off better than it did with Lil.

3. The first duet tonight – Renegade by Styx . . . Danny and Kris . . . I will tell you right now, I will download this song . . . they are the PERFECT match . . . the harmony was brilliant and they both sounded great. Randy liked the harmonies, but the individual vocals were ok. Kara thinks the sum of the parts were better than the individual parts. Paula thought it was powerful and compelling. Simon thought Danny was better than Kris.

A comment here . . . again, they want Kris and Allison GONE . . . they are first and in the middle so as not to highlight them too much.

4. Kris – He is singing “Come Together” by the Beatles. He wanted to pee in his pants with Slash there. He sounds good, no problem with the vocals as per usual. He gets props from me for playing the guitar. I very much liked this performance. Randy thinks he picked a good song, and thinks he played the guitar well. Kara thinks he is the softer side of rock, but she didn’t think it was a great performance. Paula thinks its risky to do a Beatles song, but thinks it was a Kris song. Simon didn’t really like it, and thought it was a safe performance. Once again, it could not be m ore clear that they do not want Allison or Kris in the finals.

5. The Gokey - He is singing “Dream On” by Aerosmith . . . which if you will recall sent Michael Johns home last year. This could be a hot mess because I fear the screech will be in full effect. I think this will be a test of where the judges stand because I feel like this was not good. Those last few notes were absolutely HORRIBLE, AWFUL, TERRIBLE. If they say he was great then we KNOW the fix is on. Randy thought it was ok, but gave him an A+ for effort. Kara thought he added more edge, but took it too far. Paula knows it was a tricky genre, and didn’t think it was the right song. Simon thought the last note was like watching a horror movie.

6. Adam/Allison duet – I FEAR for this duet . . . I feel like this could be like the Celine Dion/Barbara Streisand duet . . . who can out scream the other. We’ll see. There singing “Slow Ride” . . . Can we discuss Mr. Lambert’s pants . . . I think I can see the circumcision scar . . . I think this was MUCH better than I thought it would be. Completely different than the first duet . . . the individual performances were MUCH better than the harmonies. Randy thought it was HOT . . . Kara thought they were ROCK gods . . . Paula thought they were great. Simon thinks they won the battle of the duets . . . but once again, Simon has to pimp Adam and say that HE may have given her a chance at staying in the competition.

Individual Rankings: 1. Adam (HUGE SPACE), 2. Kris, 3. Allison (GIGANTIC MASSIVE SPACE), 4. Danny

Duet Rankings: 1. Adam/Allison 2. Kris/Danny

My rankings: 1. Adam 2. Kris 3. Allison (huge space) 4. Danny
My Bottom 2: Allison and Danny
America's Bottom 2: Kris and Allsion
Eliminated: Sniff Sniff . . . Kris


Rubbertoe said...

Hey J...its funny to read your review after posting mine. I always wait to read yours after to see whether we agree or disagree.
The hilarious thing tonight is how we almost said the same exact truly are my idol bro! xoxox

Love the rest of you also!and I'm waiting to see your thoughts!

J said...

I know! I read your review and cracked up. I've been thinking about last night's ep all day long and it occurs to me that there is the possibility that we could . . . maybe . . . possibly be ripe for a Daughtry like upset. I'm so torn. You know how I feel about the Kris and I am SOOOOO irritated with the powers that be for the blatant pimping. . . I realize that he is the safe pick but there's something rumbling inside me that thinks that it could be possible for the big upset . . . just a thought.