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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nashville Star: The Top 4 . . . Shaun Mayer Channells Her RedNeck Woman

It's the final voting episode of Nashville Star!!!!

So, we are down to our final four. Our final four are . . . Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, Shaun Mayer, and Coffey. The way its gonna go tonight . . . all four will perform two songs tonight, and then one will be eliminated. The final three will be the "finalists" and next week's finale . . . could I say the word "final" or derivatives thereof, anymore than I already have? :)

First up, Shaun Mayer. For those of you who have been reading the blog, you know that she is from Northeast Iowa, and we get the obligatory "I went home and got a big crowd to hear me perform video recap". Seriously, one of the only times we've seen real emotion from her.

She's bouts to perform . . . I'll be honest, I've heard this song, but I don't quite know the name. Oh wait, its Gretchen Wilson. She sounds great. Very good energy. Very good vocals. Very, very good job.

John Rich was hoping at the beginning of this process that she would never tackle Gretchen Wilson, but now, she made that song sound like a Shaun Mayer song.

Jewel - Oh MY-LANTA . . . why does Jewel suddenly look like she is eleventy hundred years old . . . I understand that she curled her hair up, but seriously . . . the hair, the dress . . . yikes!

Anyhoo, she said that she loved Shaun and just wants her to continue to get better

Jeff Steele - He thinks that she did a great job, and tells the audience that she is suffering from a little wisdom tooth probelm. He wanted her to kill the last note, but, more to the point, wants her to make her next performance her best . . . it could be her last.

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